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Your boundless essence permeates creation

Your true essence, the light of consciousness, naturally saturates every particle of your body mind and world. It is simply to open your awareness to into what already is, effortlessly. Force only reinforces the illusion of barriers and separation.

Relax & let your awareness expand through all of creation & beyond… mind, body, world, galaxy, universe, all time and space, into eternal nothingness. Feel your never ending boundlessness. Ahhhhhhhh ✨✨✨

Let this feeling and awareness be your perception point always and the small stuff becomes relatively unimportant. Clarity just continues to grow and grow along with lightheartedness. 💗🌸

You are both the light that permeates creation & the nothingness within and beyond all creation…

You are eternally whole, complete and perfect here and now. And so it is.

Namaste ✨✨✨

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