Private Sessions

Clarity Sessions:

I am here to assist anyone facing a conflict, struggle, or simply seeking to speed up their own integration.  I connect with your light realms and bring forth information and energy to assist your body, mind, and world.  We walk together, through old energy dimensions, going beyond belief systems, dissolving ego structures, assisting you to reclaim soul facets, and embody more pure Source light. 

I offer insight to help you discern and follow your innate wisdom with confidence.  You are continuously receiving intuitive guidance, but your inner knowing can seem hard to access when clouded over with mental filters and patterns.  With clarity, you can move beyond old situations with ease.  As you live more fully in alignment with your heart, emotions and patterns stored in the mind and body release, you reclaim your light, you reclaim your true life, and you ultimately feel better and better. 


I provide energetic support by bringing through tones and frequencies specifically tailored to you, by your highest consciousness, to help gently dissolve old energies and mental patterns.  I also share practical tools for lasting clarity, alignment, and integration.  

"Thanks for your honest observations of the places I still hold attachments and judgment.  Lots of clarity was gained.  There was so much beauty and release in it all.  This next week will be all about getting started on the next stage of life!  Big Hugs to you."  ~NH

Breath Sessions:

Conscious breathing is easy and effective at moving old energy out while simultaneously embodying pure energy, soul fragments, and source essence.  We will breathe together for gentle expansion and integration.   This is a great option if you are fully in your clarity and would just like to speed up the process of moving energy.  This is also an excellent option if you are new to conscious breathing and would like to learn more about breathing techniques best suited to you.   

Energy Work:

I act as the physical portal to bring pure Source crystalline energies into and through creation and deliver them to you, for whatever reason you would love assistance. This doesn’t “heal” per se, but it increases the frequencies accessible to you, helping to gently expedite the divine transformations already underway for your body, mind, and physical world.  As you also align thought, word, and action with your true essence, beneficial changes take place faster and with more ease.  These energies can’t be controlled or managed through the filters of the mind, so they go to work where they are going to compliment you from the most expansive perspective, in complete alignment with your true Self, of and as All That Is.


For best results stay well hydrated and have some relax time.  The energy comes in to serve you when you are open and receptive.  Energy work will be completed within 24 hours of purchase.  You may include the reason you are requesting energy work in the comments upon purchase, or email me separately, or even choose to allow the magic of the energies to go where best suited.  I will reply with confirmation that energy work is planned and the timeframe for completion.  If you would like to discuss details regarding energy work, realignments, what's coming up for you, etc., please book a clarity session.  Hydrate, relax & ENJOY - Namaste! 

“Thanks Cathy for providing a safe space for me to share with you some very deep challenges I have been experiencing and for you to work with me on these.  I felt loved, guided and supported throughout.  I also appreciate your suggestions on how to manage and approach some of the difficult feelings and energies.  In gratitude.” - KL.  


Nothing I share is ever to be considered as professional advice.  Always consult with your healthcare professional if you have physical, mental or emotional concerns or conditions.