Private Sessions

Embodiment Sessions:

Whatever challenges you may be facing, I shine a light into the situation & offer guidance to help you discern ego from the wisdom of your eternal essence.  You are continuously receiving guidance from deep within, and being provided external opportunities, nudges and confirmations, but the ego filters and old patterns can make discernment seem tricky.  With clarity, you can more easily step beyond old situations and patterns that no longer serve you, and jump into new opportunities.  When you do this, and create changes in your life to follow, you automatically release old, stuck energies.  You reclaim energy you've given to external situations, be it this lifetime or others, and you embody more of your eternal essence.  I can also share practical tools to incorporate into your daily life for lasting clarity, alignment, and integration.  I channel crystalline and pure source energy, so you receive additional support to gently remove energy blocks and subconscious beliefs.  A few examples of areas have I assisted others include parenting, regeneration of the physical body, relationships, manifestation, and discerning of divine guidance vs. ego/mind.

Breath and Meditation Sessions:

Conscious breathing is by far one of the easiest and most effective means of calming the mind, improving physical health, and moving old energy out while simultaneously embodying the light of your eternal essence.  Expanding into your essence, and experiencing your presence as the spaciousness beyond the mind and body is another practice that can help you anchor your awareness in isness.  I offer guidance through your breath and presence, and hold a space for gentle expansion and integration of your eternal essence. 

Tandum Jump Package:  

If you are committed to embodying your eternal Self, it can be easier and lighter with ongoing support.  During the 6 month period, I will support you via live sessions and monthly emails.  Most importantly, I will be walking with you multidimensionally, assisting on every level:  

  • mental/emotional/physical

  • higher/light realms

  • past life/akashic/ancestral 

Upon receipt of order, I will email you directly for scheduling!

**Fill out my contact form if you would like to create a custom experience (workshops, sessions, breath, meditation, etc.)