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Private Sessions

Clarity Sessions:

I offer private sessions for anyone facing a conflict or seeking to support their embodiment with ease.  There's no particular format for sessions, as they take on a life of their own.  Together, we can talk, breathe, do energy work, put together an action plan, etc., but we are working together multidimensionally beyond the physical.  Our session time is driven by what you are seeking personally, in addition to the information I am receiving from your Creator Consciousness.  If you're uncertain, have no worries because I will guide the session.


We walk together, accessing and clearing out old energy dimensions, going beyond belief systems, dissolving ego structures, reclaiming soul facets that have split off, and embodying more pure Source light - the essence you've always been.  Everything I share, facilitate or otherwise is derived from my own embodied experience & information I'm receiving in the moment.  Together, we can further unveil, and more clearly discern your innate knowing.  Sometimes I offer clarity beyond the mental filters that are limiting your view, but quite often it's as simple as amplifying and reflecting your own knowing back to you for more integrated, unwavering confidence within yourself.  As your presence expands through your body/mind/world, bringing more of you home to this body; clarity, radiance, and joy continuously grow as it's only your natural state.  

You may feel the energy begin to move as soon as you book your session.

Energy Work:

Energy work creates an open door for you to quantum leap with greater ease.  Your expansion is ultimately up to your own commitment to being true to yourself, but with the additional support of the energy work that I provide, your transformation can be faster, easier, and lighter.  The old energies are leaving already, but this is a matter of acceleration and offering a quick hand up, out of old energy.  Energy work can especially benefit your physical body, as all cellular breakdowns, and regenerations, are a reflection of underlying energy.   


Energy work can include the clearing of energies, entities, thoughts, discarnates, contracts, agreements, interferences, and more - from your body, mind, aura, home, family, friends, pets, and more.  The old energy is leaving, so we just open the door and speed it up!  I replace the old energies with pure Source light, and this also creates an easier pathway for your split facet integrations (childhood or past life).     


I am in communion with your Creator Self with no modality, only what is divinely orchestrated for you.  Please let me know why you are requesting energy work.  Drink lots of water and sleep or rest as needed.

Nothing I share or offer is ever to be considered as professional advice or medical treatment.  Always consult with your healthcare professional if you have physical, mental or emotional concerns or conditions.

“Thanks Cathy for providing a safe space for me to share with you some very deep challenges I have been experiencing and for you to work with me on these.  I felt loved, guided and supported throughout.  I also appreciate your suggestions on how to manage and approach some of the difficult feelings and energies.  In gratitude.” - KL  

"Cathy really hit the nail on the head in our clarity session, several actually. I was going through a shit ton of changes in my life and felt very scattered and confused… She supported me in coming deeper into myself, along with finding more clarity and peace with everything going on. Our call was an absolutely safe, nonjudgmental space where I could openly share myself and she delivered some very interesting insights that stayed with me long after the call. I was able to explore all my feelings deeper and with her help uncover some old patterns that simply had to come to awareness, in order for me to face them, and release them. The energy in the call was very potent and palpable, and it stayed with me for a few more days. I can’t recommend her sessions enough, I really wanted to write this review for those who have doubts about investing in a clarity session or two, and say that it’s truly worth it!" ~AR

"Thanks for your honest observations of the places I still hold attachments and judgment.  Lots of clarity was gained.  There was so much beauty and release in it all.  This next week will be all about getting started on the next stage of life!  Big Hugs to you."  ~NH

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