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Savasana Series

Out with the old & In with the NEW! 

I've experienced unimaginable transformations with guided, relaxation experiences.  That’s why I created audios that help you disengage from the mind, expand your consciousness, and enter a space for hyper-rejuvenation.  I know it's not always easy to disengage from the patterns of day to day life and fully let go, so I've created these tools with theta music, crystalline frequencies, and more to make it easier than ever.  For best results, get into a super comfy position in a quiet, calm, safe space and connect deeply with Self... beyond description or definition.  Over 30 Savasanas are available on the free Insight Timer App.  Here's a top favorite, which you can purchase and download to your own device, or enjoy for free HERE:


Deep Sleep Prepares you for a rejuvenating sleep with a guided meditation and beautiful theta music to drift off to.  When you break energy with the busy thought sreams of the day and come into presence, giving your body and mind the clear direction to clear out old energy, refill with your essence, light and energy, the body can rebuild so you wake up more refreshed each morning!  

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