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Everyday Life as Creator - Expression - Aug 2022


Are you able to talk, act, and create without feeling confined by the energy of others, the world, or your own perceivable fears and limitations?   Do you feel content & neutral, yet a bit listless or uninspired?  Expression may be the secret sauce to break the old barriers and spice things up!

Ultimately, as spirit, we came here to express.  Exploring your own expression as a human is one of the most rewarding experiences and when we are expressing from the truth of our unique yet Universal flow, it brings immense freedom, joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Expression is also about creating step by step for ourselves - creating a life that we enjoy in all sorts of new ways.  



Everyday Life as Creator - Isness Jan/Feb 2022


You're true essence feels like isness, but you could also call it neutrality, benevolence, awareness, harmoniousness, fluidity, ease, or grace.  When we no longer make judments, decicions, or beleifs about ourself and the outside world, we find our true power!  Love!  It is in this state of neutrality that you have incredible clarity on all situations.  You feel empowered to speak or act from the heart in new and ever expanding ways. Isness is your doorway to feeling, knowing, embodying and expressing through life as your true self! 

Image by Dyu - Ha


Everyday Life as Creator - Relationships Nov/Dec 2021


As we see through our eyes as creator, we look beyond the surface behaviors, through all the overlays of separation, into the light beingness that is at the core of everyone.  Every relationship in our reality evolves and it can be a dance honor our unique expression first and foremost while honoring and accepting each person right where they are at.  If we are triggered by others, it is our own judgment to address.  With our clarity, wisdom and compassion at the forefront, we see the light in everything and everyone.

Mother's Day Card
Savasana Series

Out with the old & In with the NEW! 

I've experienced unimaginable transformations with guided, relaxation experiences.  That’s why I create audios that help you disengage from the mind, expand your consciousness, and enter a space for hyper-rejuvenation.  I know it's not always easy to disengage from the patterns of day to day life and fully let go, so I've created these tools with theta music, crystalline frequencies, and more to make it easier than ever.  For best results, get into a super comfy position in a quiet, calm, safe space and connect deeply with Self... beyond description or definition.

  • S1 Flowing in lightness - flow through the body with breath and move energy with grace. 

  • S2 Supported and embraced - bring energy down through your lower body to help you feel supported physically in every step. 

  • S3 Essential Nature - expand the awareness of your grand essence and magnificence.

  • S4 Who am I? Go beyond the limited identity into your presence. 

  • S5 Yoga Nidra is a fairly busy, active guided meditation that keeps your mind quietly concentrated by connecting through areas of the body. 

  • S6 Source Saturation -  bring your essence into every cell of your body and light up from the inside out. "Let there be light!"

  • S7 Pure Presence - It is a fantastic treat for your mind and body to relax and wallow in the absence of time, identification and emotion. 

  • S8 Gong Relaxation is short and simple, like a typical savasana in yoga class with the vibration of the gong to help you relax from head to toe. 

  • S9 I AM LOVE - Your essence can feel much like nothingness.  Beyond simple awareness, we came here in physical form to be Love!  Connect with that ever present, exquisite love within.  

  • S10 Pure Manifestation - Together, we take a quantum leap.  Rather than use the mind to manifest, we feel into, embody, and radiate new potentials from the inside out.  

  • S11 Breath Boost is all about taking your breath and essence through your body for a cellular boost - flowing and energetic. 

  • S12 Melting brings a deep inward connection and integration through surrender and relaxation.

  • S13 Release - Go beyond time and tension into pure awareness. 

  • S14 Breathing together - We come together from our light realms to simply connect in presence and relax at the beach for a few breaths.  

  • S15 Yes or No?  Let your body be your guide in discerning what is in the highest and best for you and for all.

  • S16 Traditional savasana is a simple, quiet moment of relaxation and gratitude for you and your body.

  • S17 Square breath is an easy technique that helps alleviate stress, anxiety, promote sleep, and more.  

  • S18 3 part breath - a foundational breath to fill your lungs completely.  You increase focus while calming the nervous system, building heat and metabolism, while inducing relaxation.  This is a technique to use daily. 

  • S19 Become aware takes you through your senses into awareness of your awareness.

  • S20 Peace and Calm is a mantra meditation for a busy mind

  • S21 Expansion - Expand into one clear flowing portal of pure Source radiance.

  • S22 Gentle Gentle - sometimes we just need to breathe in gentleness, and this is designed to be calming and nourishing.

  • S23 Deep Sleep prepares you for rejuvenation with a 15 minute guided meditation followed by theta music for you to drift off to. 

  • S24 Stretch and Fill is an active breathing exercise, all done while lying down. Open through joints and tissues, make more room for your light to meld and expand, while bringing blood/nutrients into compacted areas. 

  • S25 Softness brings soft and light awareness from head to toe

  • S26 Gentle Expansion lets energies flow in body, mind, and aura with every inhale and exhale 

  • S27 True Family invites our angelic families to connect with us, expanding our senses, and letting that love and support beyond the physical become a conscious part of everyday life

  • S28 Welcome Home!  We unplug from the outside world and fill up with the essence of home where we always feel safe, comfortable, full, loved.  Stay connected to home everywhere your body may roam.  

  • S29 Good Morning helps you to recollect all of your energy, your light, and connect through the body from head to toe, ensuring everything is flowing and working together.

  • S30 Morning Isness brings you into your awareness beyond the personality, to flow through your day as pure isness, allowing thoughts, stories, and emotions just be.... because it just IS! 

  • S31 Simply Relaxed is a simple guided full body relaxation.

  • S32 Cottonwood Seed is a guided journey of the imagination, while floating freely in the breeze and soaring above the earth.

  • S33 Golden Light brings the light of consciousness through your heart and cells of your body, as you bask in your true radiance.

  • S34 Source Reset takes your awareness to the Source of all that is and brings this pure light through body, mind, and world to reset and rebalance. 

  • S35 I AM Perfection reminds you of your timeless beauty beyond any need to fix, improve, change or be anything other than what you've always been - pure radiance.

  • S36 Wrap up in your own personal cocoon of love and feel the melody of your breath soothe you into a peaceful slumber.

  • S37 Everyday Love is about feeling, creating, & choosing love with everything and everyone, every single day - starting with yourself.  Listen, relax, expand and let the essence of love permeate you and be part of your expression, always.   

Interviews and Collaborations

Lois Eckly is a New Earth Guide, Star Being, Crystalline Keeper and Andara Guardian and simply a sparkly sweet angel in human form.  She holds conversations with other light keepers around the planet to support, uplift and inspire as we move through these shifts together.  She offers private sessions and more at

Jeff Granville is the generous and compassionate founder of Mindful Presents, an organization that gives the gift of mindfulness and stress relief to pediatric patients, families and care providers.  His Physiology of Your Divinity interviews include many well known Trail Blazers that help bridge the perceptional gap between science, form, and divinity.

Kerri Lake is an extraordinarily gentle and kind hearted, intuitive being who's well known for her intimate connection with horses and relating this awareness through life in all forms.  She is available to work with all whose hearts are thirsty to remember the purity of being through a physical form.  She offers her wisdom through many avenues such as books, events, sessions, and more at Generation of Harmony.

Alexis Srsa is a master of Living The New Earth with ease, flair, and sensuality that simply inspires her audience to experience more of this life!  She's a Transformation Facilitator who assists those choosing to open themselves to their heart, to the depths of who they are and allow their expanded soul self to be part of their daily life.  

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