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You've Always Known...

Have you ever looked back at a situation and said "I knew it!"? That's because you've always known. The moment you meet someone, or when the ideal of something or someone comes into your awareness, you have it all. Like a tiny raindrop landing with all of the information you could possibly need. This knowing is pure, direct, clear, and without any of the messiness of your personal bias, but it's so subtle that we often ignore it. It takes a conscious choice, but it is so simple to hone this precious gift.

Once the mind and emotions get involved in any new prospect, we go down the muddy path of experience. Whether you physically jump in or not, doesn't even matter. Your mental activity alone connects it to every experience you've ever had and it plasters shiny new things with beliefs and emotions. It may plaster fluffy emotional energy onto old patterns, making them seem more alluring, or it may plaster mud onto something truly great, making it seem unappealing. Mud can be a lot of fun to play in - that's part of the amazing human experience! So, typically you've jumped in and played it all out from beginning to end, getting to a point where you say "Damn, I knew that all along!!!". What a deeply profound feeling that is.

When we get a little further beyond the mind, we start sensing, feeling, and tuning into things rather than analyzing. This is so divine because it enhance our intuition, embodiment, and clarity. We do this again and again until we realize that the first instinct, that flash of knowing, even that underlying knowing, had always contained everything we sense, feel and see from our expanded consciousness. It was just distilled into one crisp, clear shot of knowing, which seems way too fast and easy to believe at first. The mind has a bit of a problem with this because in that tiny shot, there's no mental data to back it up. You know, but the mind doesn't!

As you hone this skill, you see the details more and more as a waste of your time and energy. This tends to happen as you are enjoying your own presence more, and creating more joyful and fulfilling experiences for yourself. You reassure the mind that YOU have got this now and you send it off to holiday for a while, rewarding it for working so damn hard trying to figure out what you already knew! Now, you claim this knowing, you trust it, and you choose it. No exceptions.

Now, we can bypass so much nonsense. We can hop right over old journeys and old patterns. We can constantly choose new experiences that are most beautiful, loving, and beneficial. We can trust ourselves implicitly. We can use this knowing in every millisecond to steer us into what truly compliments us. We can step right over what the old mental and emotional patterns would want to grasp onto, and at times we even step directly into what the mind would want to push away, based on old experiences. Knowing is vast, but a simple yes or no from self is more than enough.

In addition to feeling and sensing, pay attention to that instant knowingness. It's always there. This is your awareness as Creator, and it's a potent gift that comes to you, from you, for you, as you, as a facet of All That Is. Trust yourself, you've known all along....

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