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Self Honoring Beyond Fear

Self honoring is all about being true to yourself, being the love that you are. Choosing love sounds sweet, but it requires unwavering determination, honesty, and inner strength. You will find all the power you need when you relentlessly choose love over fear, but before we can really know love, we must see through the hidden fears within ourselves. If you’ve heard the saying “keep your enemies closer”, this very much applies. As you watch fear without judgment, and it isn’t seen as bad or good, you begin to see the layers that keep it carefully camouflaged. We created it in our reality to serve a purpose, so it is not without reason, but as we embody our true essence and remember our fearlessness, we get to embark on the grand adventure of individually un-creating fear from our reality. This is where the fun really begins.

Fear can feel downright terrifying and overwhelming, but it’s built with flimsy materials such as lies, secrets, and manipulation. The fear that you feel, the very fear that you may at times be so intimidated by, is afraid of its own shadow! Fear is fearful. It tries to scare you because it is the ultimate coward. It wants you to join its cause, to have you transform your natural frequencies of love to that of fear so it feels bigger, so it can be insulated and safe within its fearful self. It is the epitome of human forgetfulness because the fear itself has forgotten that the core of all creation is only pure light, pure love, pure consciousness. It wants you to think it’s bigger and stronger than you because it feels so small and powerless. Fear is especially scared of love, so fear is really afraid of you! Much like the Wizard of Oz, it booms a loud, fake voice, projecting so strongly to cover up the fact that it is a little, itty bitty coward. Is fear starting to sound a little less daunting and a lot more pathetic? I hope so. We’ve given it enough power already.

Fear is a grand creation. It is a master shapeshifter. It masquerades as anger, fight, blame, shame, guilt, insecurity, people pleasing, force, self righteousness and any form of judgment towards yourself or others. Pure love contains none of this.

Fear is like a hungry ghost that seeks energy, steals energy, but never gets enough. Fear feeds on addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, drama, overthinking, sex, over achievement, attention, social media, codependency in relationships… and much more. Fear will even act like love or joy to trick you into feeding it, but you recognize the trickery when the relief is only temporary. Pure love is endlessly abundant, where fear is lacking. Love has an underlying calmness, but the emotion of fear will send you up and down with rollercoaster level excitement. Seduction is one of its favorite games, which is usually quite evident with its need for instant gratification. So now that we’ve illuminated some of fear’s tricks, how do we be the love that we are?

With the wisdom and compassion of your Essence, of God, of Love, all things are possible. You can’t fight your way out of fear, but you can firmly choose Universal truth beyond limited belief and duality. Your eternal nature, your essence, your spirit could never be harmed, taken, or controlled. You have nothing to fear. Your body and mind are temporary by design, but you are not. If you judge fear, if you fight fear, if you avoid fear, you are actually empowering it further, it is that simple. Acceptance allows for clarity and love to grow, but acceptance doesn’t mean you allow fear to rule. You accept what is, without judgment, and then you choose what truly works for you.

Keep in mind that we do this one step at a time, so it’s OK that you’ve empowered fear. Much of the human experience has been creating fear and playing with it until we are ready to transcend the perception of separation. As you stop feeding the fear within you, you stop feeding the fear energy in the collective. With the best of intentions, some folks try to change the outside world, not realizing that the “global shift" happens as each person chooses to change within themselves. Trying to push outer change fueled judgment is actually fear and control hiding behind a mask of “love” and it feeds the fear energy. It’s lovely to support beautiful changes, but your physical actions are secondary to the real magic that takes place within your consciousness. Every time you choose love over fear within yourself, you’re giving a HUGE gift to the world by lightening up the energy load of fear on the planet. Beautiful changes are an automatic, worldwide and Universal result of you loving yourself. I know you've transcended a lot of fear, so give yourself a pat on the back!

The first step is clarity. You are a facet of Creator. The holy spirit isn’t some outside force, but it is truly within you and always has been. When in the grips of fear and doubt, ask your eternal essence to guide and embrace you. As you stay in presence and awareness, the fear in your unique, specific reality becomes exposed by the light of consciousness one breath at a time. Habits, patterns, and addictions that are feeding the energy of fear become self evident, as do the solutions.

All along the way, we bring ourselves up to speed by letting any scared inner identities know how safe and loved they are. We address fears within our body of consciousness by coming to terms with the truth of who we are, and we become our own guardian angel, becoming the safest, most loving person in our world. As you do this, you’re re-writing your beliefs, subconscious mind, and recalibrating your energy, unraveling the cause and effect of decisions that don't support love. And, of course, you can still invite all the angels and ethereal helpers you like to keep guiding your outer world and the energies into love as well - the more the merrier!

Eventually, some of that sticky old energy, usually referred to as fear, darkness or density, must be faced head on. With solid inner knowing and the unwavering power of your Creator Consciousness, you steer your ship both energetically and physically by honing your thoughts, words and actions in accordance with your divinity. Never underestimate the power of your conscious choice, your presence, your voice, and your actions when coupled with absolute trust in Self. Trusting your expression and letting it flow is so important.

Many years ago, I was feeling someone’s energy around me, so I asked my Self (my essence) for guidance and the response was shocking “tell them to GO AWAY, that they are not welcome here, and really mean it.”. Whoa, I thought… that couldn’t be the voice of love, could it? Let’s be clear about love, sometimes it’s exquisitely soft, but when it needs to be strong in the face of fear, it’s the most powerful force in the Universe. I welcomed this person forward energetically and explained that their energy was not welcome in my presence ever again. I commanded them to “Be Gone” and I handed them over to their Creator Source Self. I was still a bit doubtful of my true abilities as the Creator of my reality, but when they reappeared a few times I stayed firm, direct, and without negotiation. Then, I awoke at night from a dream where they kept bothering me and I was yelled in my dream “GET OUT! GET OUT!”. I was shocked to wake up, hearing the voice of my body booming loudly “GET OUT!!!”. I laughed hysterically at waking up to that spectacle and said “good job body!!”. It was amazing. My consciousness carried through from the waking state to my sleep hours and meant business! That was the last time I ever felt this person’s thoughts or energy around me again.

Ultimately, it was up to me to firmly choose to be done with any drama, fear, attachment, etc., related to this connection. Now, it is common for me to command fear energies home to their Source to be transmuted back to pure consciousness for the highest and best good of all concerned. Everyone is seeking to reunite with the love that they truly are, with the love of God, but almost everyone is confused by the veils of fear and separation and often, they are so ingrained in mental conditioning that they have almost no idea what they’re truly doing and why they’re doing it when they’re acting out of fear. There is no blame or shame in any of this because at one point we all fell asleep and played energy games, until we woke up. Now we move beyond it all, one small step at a time. Embodiment is a journey of evolution with many phases and layers to allow our body, mind, and outside world to transform at a comfortable and tangible pace, so we can enjoy the richness of the return to what we’ve always been, love. We go from seeking energy outside ourselves to finding all the love, energy, and wisdom we need within - the kingdom of heaven. It is the ultimate romance with Self and creation, to be savored and revered in its total magnificence.

Accepting nothing less than love within your life means meeting fear with honesty and compassion. Since we live in a reality with others projecting fear and judgment, you’ll be making continual creative adjustments physically and energetically so that you don’t get caught in a fear trap. When you do get caught up, just roll around a bit, shake it off, breathe, come back to yourself and know that you’ve got this. Keep dancing with grace, flair, humor, self love, and have fun no matter what!

Living a life filled with love is your birthright and it’s your freedom to claim right now. Living life to the fullest is always changing, never static. Some days it may be relaxing, breathing, and doing nothing. Other days, it may be traveling, socializing or creating something new. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you’re not letting fear be the driving force. Kick fear to the curb and love yourself fully with unapologetic zest and enthusiasm. Heck, love yourself so much that you get a little weird about it! Lighten up, you are so worth it. I’m wishing you the loveliest September ever - Namaste!

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Wow, dear Cathy,

this is so deep, clear, wise, loving.... I needed just now to read this. With that I get some dots together to go deeper by myself. I'm curious what I'm going to acknowledge.

Thank you beyond words,



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