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Roaring with delight as energy catapults you

Whether you are feeling a bit apprehensive from the high frequencies this January, or you are ROARING with delight and letting the energy CATapult you with reckless abandon, I wish you a FANTASTIC February! What a gift it is to be constantly offered the opportunity to expand into more of ourselves through the experience of a body. Wherever you are at in this temporary human costume, it’s so great to remember that you are eternally PURRRfect. Nothing here in the physical could ever, ever, evvvverrrr change how whole and divine you always have been and always will be.

However, it can be so exciting to explore more of ourselves in this reality and experience more and more love, more and more lightness, and more and more of our true beingness. It’s a love that is not even relatable to old human love. It’s a lightness, a knowingness, and an untouchable radiance that simply cannot be boxed in or defined. As we become more integrated, nothing in the whole world can take this lightness away from us! Technically, nothing ever could take your light, but it was perceived to be that way through the experience of separation. What a gift to transcend that perception!

As we move more and more into this wide open radiance, it initially feels foreign because it’s so pure, simple, and without thought or emotions. Embodying love pushes up the old density from the body, so we feel it all leaving as we're purifying the physical. The mind goes into doubting and questioning. "I don't feel anything. I feel heavy or stressed, I sure don't feel love. Maybe I'm just not getting it. We gotta get a grip, get control, work to achieve love or affection or success or whatever, gotta find balance, find happiness, OMG this is so much work! Am I trying to hard? Am I trying too little? Maybe we should just shut down, give up... yada yada... Where the heck is the LOVE man?". What a roller coaster ride the mind can take us on as we're letting the old dissolve away.

It's right here that we recognize this old stuff for what it is, so we choose our inner knowing, stay in our body, breathe deeply, and stay totally awake in that neutrality of our true Self as a facet of pure Source consciousness. We refuse to give our knowingness away to any outside source, or even internalized beliefs about ourselves. We know the voice of love is always uplifting, empowering, embracing, and supportive. Now we are transcending the identification with form and duality. Love is most definitely not that old concept with conditions, narratives, control, neediness, and manipulation. Love just IS. We align with this isness, feel our presence, and welcome forth our true Self, angelic helpers, and the whole universe really, to bring in new enjoyments and steer us through every twist and turn. Now we are constantly flowing with more ease and grace.

The mind can’t even feel love, so we continue on with our knowingness. As we're feeling and sensing, stepping beyond the need for the flashy or emotional concepts of "love", we're stepping into more translucent clarity of the heart. We feel this presence of love expanding within our breath, body, and life, and it's immeasurable. The connectedness, solidarity, caresses, whispers, and reassurances are worth more than all the wealth in the world. In the face of anything less than love, it's like "Hah! No way man, not even a chance... I KNOW who I AM. I AM LOVE". Now the fun is just beginning! From my heart to yours, I'm celebrating our inevitable lightening up, body, mind, and world. We are discovering more of our pure and endless expressions as ebmodied love, and our divine ability to receive love in all of it's forms. Enjoy the essence of YOU - pure, formless,

unequivocal LOVE!

NEW! 30 Minutes Energy Session

I act as the physical portal to bring pure Source crystalline energies into and through creation and deliver them to you, for whatever reason you would love assistance. This doesn’t “heal” per se, but it increases the frequencies accessible to you, helping to gently expedite the divine transformations already underway for your body, mind, and physical world.  As you also align thought, word, and action with your true essence, beneficial changes take place faster and with more ease.  These energies can’t be controlled or managed through the filters of the mind, so they go to work where they are going to compliment you from the most expansive perspective, in complete alignment with your true Self, of and as All That Is.  Get more information on the Sessions page.  

The Everyday Life as Creator group has been such a gorgeous experience of sharing, support, understanding, and fun.  I sometimes pinch myself in awe that I get to take part in such a creation of friendship, compassion, and mutual honoring.  I watched a show the other day where two characters were injured.  When one tried to help the other, she said “No, you have to take care of yourself!”.  The response was, “First I heal you, then you heal me”.  Okay, we know the healing word is loaded, but you get the drift.  I couldn’t help but smile at the realization that when we come together in the mutual direction of embodiment, we all go through the waves of integration, but it’s so much easier together.  We don’t “need” the support, but we accelerate together.  The clearing, embodying, and expanding, and expressing is faster and more fun.  There is a synergy with sharing, as we often activate each other in clarity at the right moment, just by sharing a story or even holding compassionate acceptance for one another right where we’re at.  If this sounds like a place you’d like to explore, you’re welcome to join us at any time.  You will have access to the Creators tab on my website with links to all the audios and videos that have been shared, by topic, since the beginning.  You’re welcome to participate in the private FaceBook group and Zoom calls, or to sit back and observe.  It’s truly a space designed to support you in everyday life as you are align more and more with your true essence.  I welcome you with open arms, an open heart, and with some fun and laughter too!  

If you, or a loved one, is seeking more direct support with any challenge, I offer Clarity Sessions, where I’m receiving and sharing information, frequencies, and practical tools to assist you to step beyond any sense of limitation - mental, physical, or emotional.  I often find we are connecting in our light realms (our more natural, boundless, eternal form) together for days before and after, as we are clearing out the old from many realms to help recollect more of YOU, that pure essence before the overlays of beliefs and emotions were embodied.

If you enjoy my Savasana Series, I am making them available on Insight Timer!  I will be adding one track every week from the existing library, plus new creations, so it will take more than 6 months before all the existing audios have been released.  Dozens of new audios will be available to the public at no cost.  Insight Time offers options for paid subscriptions or donations, but it’s user choice for meditations.

I want to say THANK YOU to my subscribers because you inspired to me to keep creating!  I plan keep the library open to those who prefer going direct on my site.

Here's to having the most FANTASTIC February ever as you step into more clarity of the heart, step by step, breath by breath, remembering and feeling more of your eternal essence of love.  Namaste - The pure light of consciousness in me recognizes and honors that light in you!  


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