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Move energy to feel better

How do you feel? Qi Gong and many similar practices like Yoga or Tai Chi are easy and enjoyable ways to feel better in your body. How we feel is a direct result of our energy, often referred to as light, Prana, or Chi. We feel great when this energy flows.

Stagnant energy is created by emotion, which is created by judgment, and is experienced as heaviness in thoughts and body, or depression. Likewise, we may feel the other end of this spectrum. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, scattered, up and down, etc. is often referred to as anxiety. Beyond the feelings, stuck energy in the body causes cellular breakdown and a ripe environment for disease. One of my favorite ways to move energy may surprise you - it’s as simple as lying down, breathing, and feeling! Ahhhhhhhh!

Adding breath, body movement, and feeling awareness together is a beautiful way to integrate your pure light. There is one important key in moving energy... it happens at light speed when you are not thinking! You might experience this joy during a yoga class, in nature, playing with kids, doing breathing exercises, singing, dancing, etc.

As you reclaim your light, it flushes out the old energy layer by layer. You feel lighter & your body comes into a natural balance and flow. I’m not speaking of your light as in “light vs. dark”. The true light of your consciousness has no polar opposite. It is weightless and formless, and has no capacity for judgment, but it is filled with eternal wisdom and compassion. Your light literally flows into your body with every breath.

As you breathe it into every cell of your body and FEEL it flow and meld, stuck energies dissolve with grace and ease. You feel lighter and brighter. ✨ And so it is.


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