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Keep Looking Forward

Keep looking forward

Look to the sun

Don't look back

Spread your wings and fly

New Beginnings are beckoning you to step out of the old. As we're longer trying to fix, heal, catalogue and classify everything as if life is a giant puzzle to be solved, we wave goodbye to the old stories that want to be fed. They will seek your attention endlessly but you just know it's time for more joy, fun, and lightheartedness.

It is important to take our downtime and inward time to reflect and ask for clarity and freedom in this area or that area of our lives, especially where it's been particularly challenging. We breathe, feel, go inside, command the truth be revealed, do our best to be in presence and awareness 24/7. We feel the triggers or emotions, and let them move through without empowering them, without further embodying them. We become completely honest within ourselves and courageous enough to see where we've been hiding away, not wanting to fly forward, where we've rationalized away judgments, fear and old habits - letting them linger - seemingly supporting us, but then we see at this stage how they are detracting from our embodiment, from real enjoyment.

These hiding parts often feel so fearful and powerless, it's understandable how tough it's been to transcend some things. You will find secrets, shame and guilt hiding here. We've all acted of fear, so no human is exempt from this. These bits would rather stay hiding in the crevices, away from the light of truth. But as you choose compassion, isness, and the neutrality of Creator, of pure consciousness, there is nothing that cannot be seen, accepted and embraced by the love of All That IS - by you.

At some point we acknowledge that we've bravely opened the doors in our consciousness that were shut off in the dark. We've welcomed the light in & we've welcomed everything home - no questions asked - no conditions - no repentance needed - no shame - no more grueling work - just c'mon home and show me what needs to be seen/felt - nothing more, no wallowing in this story or that story. It goes for the "positive" stories too - something I see many get caught up in, which is fine, but it can be seductive to get identified with a particular lifetime or state of consciousness as the ego tries to make it's moves on the awakened crowd (galactic, old earth soul, warrior, star seed, goddess, etc.) and it's very limiting as even the most beautiful lifetimes are integrating, but in the eyes of consciousness one is not better than the other. We go beyond attachment and aversion into I AM. It's where we can enjoy and see the beauty in all the characters, welcoming and playing with the various expressions even more freely, without getting caught into any identification traps.

I am No Thing, No One, I just AM

All That IS

Not rejecting, nor clinging onto any little "me".

Everyone has been everywhere and done everything because we are all facets of All That IS - it's just a matter of how much of our split consciousness we've recollected and integrated through this body, right now!

Now, since we are wide awake 😃 it's time to give ourselves a pat on the back and shift gears into the joy of expansion and expression. Create a life you enjoy. Keep moving towards it, even if it's as simply as a daily walk, or a whole revamp of how you're living.

You will feel the gravity pulling, perhaps the mind is arguing as you take your precious consciousness away from the heavy, the sticky, the stories, the problems, the comfy - the delusions of lowliness and the delusions of grandeur. This is where we (shhhhhhhhhh mind), breathe, feel our presence, feel the highest potential we can access in the moment.

Maybe that's just getting off the couch and taking out the garbage! Maybe that's calling a friend, maybe it's singing and dancing, maybe it's tossing the junk food out of your cupboards. For some it's totally opposite - maybe it's laying on the couch and breathing if you have been trying to control your schedule, push for success, and control outcomes through the mind, or if you've been avoiding the emotions bubbling to the surface by staying very busy! Maybe maybe maybe - it's always unique, but it's always within your own discernment and honesty because the wisdom of your Creator Self is right there nudging you.

Now, as you embody more of your light here - as you bring more of YOU into the physical vessel, you are purifying the mind and body to clarity, and you become the SUN ☀️.

The remaining old identities are drawn into your gravitational pull more and more as you just open and expand - and ✨POOF✨ like a moth to a flame! They turn to ash and blow away in the wind & the core light returns home to the heart ♥️

It's time to fly forward!

Don't look back♥️


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