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Keep Expanding, Creating, Expressing!

Dear Creators! An important message for you!

Today I want to share a bit of inspiration to keep creating, keep expanding and keep expressing. Do you realize how unique and how impactful you are? We are all creators and inspirers in our everyday actions and interactions. For you it could be sharing content on social media, dancing, teaching, parenting, connecting with friends, journaling for yourself, picking out an outfit, walking down the street, etc. Expression can even be sitting with a big radiant smile in silence (and often is), but this message is more about taking that radiant silence more physically into the world.

As I've stepped into creating regular offerings from my own unique calling and expression, the main hurdle has been limitations I've believed and empowered - and a biggie, for us all, is wondering if what we are doing is really worthwhile - is it making a difference? Is it our true expression? Is it really contributing to the world or are we just self indulgent? Is it me or the ego?? What a mind game this can be - the answer is to express, express, express from the heart.

The creations start with small steps and they grow bigger and at times require focus, effort, and yes - work! Don't worry whether the work is paying off (financially, approval from others, metrics) so much as how it's affecting the Whole. We don't need to save or heal anyone because we are all a facet of the timeless and limitless, yet many are asking for you to share your wisdom, your joy, your light, your gifts! Many are looking for examples of joy, love, and kindness to help them remember their own innate joy.

The question I've asked many times is "what's in my highest and best good and the highest of the Whole". This is always one and the same. What you feel so passionate and excited about - what may feel too easy or indulgent or natural - is your natural expression & it is Always Always Always going to have a fabulous impact on creation. The hurdle, again, is that little doubt monger... the mind/ego which has a whole list of calculations, qualifications, and reasons to keep you from creating - for as you expand, it is dissolving away into your vast, beautiful, fearless, unemcombered presence that is simply growing through the physical plane and there's just more of you here to LOVE - to be and express the LOVE in whatever form!

In the honor of New Beginnings, which is the theme of our Mastery Call this month, I'd like to share this Grounding and Expansive audio which is available for free on Insight Timer. This is truly a time to honor you true Self by embracing physical life like never before.

It's been over a year since I created these audio experiences (Savasana Series) when I said "yes" to the internal invitation from mySelf to create 2 each week, no exception. Sticking to any kind of commitment at that time felt really impossible. What I've learned is that when I surrendered so fully into my limitlessness, my boundless Self, it felt harder for me to be physical. For anyone who's felt very expansive, who's gone deep into the isness of the Universal Self, it's tempting to hang out in the ethers rather than bring the ethers here, down to earth. Structure, schedule, and consistency have been very important for me in order to re-incorporate back into this embodiment with my expanded consciousness. We didn't come into form to try & escape it - we came to fully experience and embrace it - but this has all sorts of challenges. Making the audios felt at times like hard work, tedious, linear, manual, etc. So, I said yes, & decided to just go All In - no excuses - because whining and wavering simply creates misery. It also seemed like a lot of work for little reward financially, although I got a handful of subscribers on my website and occasional sweet messages from listeners. The ego is quick to disregard positive feedback like "oh big deal..." and then focus on criticism and self doubt - an old survival pattern.

Now... a year later, I am still getting reviews and donations on Insight Timer. I've been offered to create courses with way better returns $ due to the constant high quality of audios the good reviews (my avg rating is at 4.9 out of 5 stars!). At times I wonder - "should I create more? Gee that was kind of a lot of work"... I don't exactly love the editing or computer work stuff as much as I love live events - the moment of connection and expression! Today, I logged into the app and noticed I have 108 subscribers - it's tripled since last time and my plays have increased although I haven't uploaded anything for many months. How did that happen? I have over 5,000 plays!

Recently someone scoffed at my big excitement about a friend's milestone saying something like "yeah that's nothing, we hardly get any $ per play". I say bull crap to that. Don't let anyone piss on your flames of passion and excitement - celebrate every milestone just because you can. What you focus your consciousness on just keeps growing.

Never underestimate your creations. Put it out and set it free. Forget about it and let energy work for you. You never know where they'll go a year from now, or 10 years from now. Have no estimation of what may happen or where they may go, meaning make no limits within the mind. The mind only knows past experiences or what it's seen happen to other people, but let's go even beyond that and let ourselves be open to have creation take us even further into new and unexpected pathways. Dreaming and visualizing is a great start - but I prefer to keep that slate completely clear and free, and welcome my Creator Essence to paint it's artwork for me, one stroke at a time!

So, if you've been on the fence or wavering about anything - I hope this helps encourage you to create. Enjoy the process and celebrate after each step - give yourself a pat on the back again and again and again. Even if you need to give yourself a pat on the back for getting showered and dressed today - that's an expression of you! Focus on what you accomplished and FEEL THAT - flipping it from the old egoic ways of critical thinking "is it good enough, what do I need to work on, continuous improvement... blah blah blah old perspective". Critical thinking causes shrinking. Shrinking into a shell. Be like the butterfly now. Flip that old pattern: "Wow - Look what I did! It's awesome just because it IS. I'm flying because I CAN and that feeling is reward enough.". It really doesn't even matter how great or perfect or precise these things are. As you just keep expressing, keep trusting yourSelf, keep moving, keep opening.... the old energy dissolves away and your expressions become more clear, more bright, more joyful, more radiant energetically and the specific words or images are so not important - it's the energy embedded within the creation that is key - the energy that is purifying with every conscious breath you take, with every word you speak from the heart, and with every ounce of joy you allow to flow through your body into uninhibited expression! Thank you for joining me! Love, Cathy


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