How releasing control realigns the fabric of your reality

As my daughter and I were driving down the dark, country roads last night, she suddenly shouted in terror "Mom, look out! Deer!!!" I saw a herd of deer barreling across the field, towards the road, seemingly two freight trains about to collide in 2 seconds. The human instinct was for me to hit the breaks.

In my years of breathing and awareness, I have come to a natural point of responding to every moment of perceptional danger with a deep, relaxed breath. As I breathed deeply, I surrendered to the moment, and relaxed fully into my underlying state of allowing of everything that is out of my control. My body intuitively pressed down on the gas pedal and as I felt the car speed up, I heard my daughter scream as the first deer bashed into the rear passenger side with a huge bang. As I pulled the car over, I could see that there had been a calculation in my mind and body determining that slowing down would have created a head-on collision with these beautiful creatures, but there was no time to think it through, for even staying at my current speed would have resulted in the first deer meeting the front end of my car. The avoidance of this accident happened in a moment of allowing and trust, beyond thinking. One deep breath of surrender is all it takes for your wisdom and clarity to rush in and take the wheel.

Given the loud bang, we assumed the deer lay injured and the car must have a huge dent. Once again, I took a breath of