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Heaven on Earth is Here and Now

Heaven on Earth ~ It is a state of Being that exists right here, right now, in this very breath you are taking. Breathe it in ✨✨✨

Some say we must strive to create a New Earth, holding onto a hope for a more heavenly planet, with more love and unity. Some even say the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. New Earth, AKA heaven, is actually available to you in this moment. The eternal kingdom of heaven already exists within you. It is not a physical place, nor a state of the external world. It is an internal state of being that melds with your mind, body, and through your personal life and world. You begin to live in this state called heaven as you integrate the human and divine, as you choose love and clarity above judgment and duality.

Embodied enlightenment is not a path for the faint of heart. It requires a steadfast connection to your ever-wise, eternal presence. The gravity of duality will continuously attempt to pull you back into fear, survival, and old patterns of lack. However, as you consistently choose love over fear, wisdom over illusion, and joy over suffering, the path becomes lighter, brighter, and enjoyable. The old human experiences of stress and struggle become like a fuzzy old dream that you can barely remember. New things begin to flow and manifest in magical ways, well beyond any notion of needs or egoic human goals.

If you happen to be waiting for a positive change in your outside or inside world, I invite you to BE the change here and now. Take a deep belly breath and feel into your eternal, benevolent essence. Just for this moment, toss every human identification to the ethers and feel your entire beingness connected to ALL THAT IS, which is, in essence, pure Love.

Close your eyes, take another breath and FEEL that pure love, that pure light of your infinite self. You cannot experience this truth by thinking, so just feel it, and then feel into it more deeply. Ahhhhh... It is pure, radiant simplicity.

Many of us have permanently anchored this dimensional state of heaven into our physical body and world today. While we all seem to enjoy lightness, ease, simplicity, magical manifestations, joy, etc., the journeys and stories are as unique as can be. The most important thing to know is it's available and very real. In fact, it's a given if you choose it. If you're not already experiencing your heavenly existence in this moment, I invite you to follow the call of your spirit take the plunge!

P.S. Choosing heaven on earth for yourself just happens to be the most effective way to create change in the outside world. Consciousness is everything.

Namaste ✨ Cathy Baumann

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