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Energies - Lions and Lambs

Traditionally March is a transformative weather month, said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb or vice verse. What about you? Is March feeling like a Lion or Lamb?

Isn’t it funny when we no longer care if the energy feels lion-ish or lamb-ish? The best part is when we can just take a breath and accept whatever energies are flowing, accept whatever we are feeling through this physical vessel that we call HOME on this planet. Many energies are flowing right now, and they will surely be continually showing up at your HOME, knocking at your door - sometimes with a roar!

When tears or fears knock at a locked door, they build up pressure, becoming things we call stress, anxiety, depression, dullness, addiction, etc. and create physical afflictions. When they are warmly greeted into our house, with awareness, kindness, and a bit of humor, they can flow in and out with ease. This feels so great that eventually we just remove all the doors and windows to let all the light flow through - for it truly all is just the pure light of consciousness at its core. Everything is the same core consciousness no matter how heavy or dark it may seem. It all transmutes back to its original core essence as it flows through your presence.

Whether you roar through the lion's energies with exercise, breath, dancing, sleeping, or a box of tissues, what if you just let it all move and enjoy the sensations in the body? Who said you can't enjoy emotions that feel of terror, despair, lack or loneliness just as much as emotions that feel of powerfulness, success, or plentitude? The idea that one is better than the other, that one is harder to feel, that one must be avoided, is bogus - it's simply a belief you created!

The best part now is how is we no longer try to adopt these friends that just want to stop by and say goodbye as they’re leaving town! We don’t have to “fix” them, we don’t have to resist them, we surely don’t need to get into a long conversation about the same stories and go for an emotional farewell ride with them. We stay in our presence - wide awake - and pay attention without thought, as we breathe and feel. We don’t just listen with our ears, we feel the energy that we’ve welcomed to move. We watch how fast they whisp away as we don’t claim them as our own. We created these stories, but much like children, we gave them birth and brought them into the world, so they are now of their own sovereign right. They are completely accurate and justified in existence as to what belief you programmed them with upon creation! You decided their (your) fate in that moment. However, you can re-decide your reality. Once you realize this, you’re continually re-deciding what is true for you NOW and allowing the old beliefs to fleet away. Take the best and leave the rest - or my favorite, just let it all go. Why limit reality to any stagnant belief? Let creation keep WOW-ing you with NEW. Easy come, easy go, and the energy just gets lighter and lighter and lighter.

As we welcome, watch, listen, and feel……. we can see the reason for every creation & the gifts they’ve given us. Sometimes the gifts are learning what not to do - but even that is useful! Only once we are open to receive the gifts of wisdom, compassion & understanding - once we see through our real eyes - the eyes of unconditional love, the old emotional densities whisp away, out the window, into the bright clear sky…. Simply particles of light.

This, my friends, is easy spring cleaning! It’s all out like a Lamb! Enjoy your company this March - Namaste, Cathy

image courtesy of Pixabay Jacek author


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