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DNA & Light Body Activations

Take a deep breath and don’t just read these words with your mind, but feel them vibrate in the cells of your body!

If you’ve been feeling the eclipse the past few days, you may have noticed the crystalline energies pouring through this portal, loaded with gifts for us all to simply say yes and receive.

If you are willing, each eclipse will open the doorway to receiving physical DNA upgrades that bring through more of your natural human abilities. You could say they bring the abilities we’ve always had, yet became unconscious to, as our bodies were functioning in lower and lower vibrations through the ages. We’re even taking it further, evolving as humans and bringing more universal data here than ever before. As we integrate more of this Source essence, we find it’s quite natural to have compassion, to see and feel the beauty in everything, to be aware of our multidimensionality, and on and on to things we have yet to discover.

Being in hate, conflict, power, greed, lack, etc, is completely unnatural, just like the sense that we are not able to connect and communicate with animals, plants, people who have left the physical earth realm, etc. They’re all symptoms of forgetting who we really are and where we came from. It’s all the result of fear and feeling finite, as if death were possible for us, as if we are simply the physical form rather than an eternal spirit experiencing a temporary physical form.

To sail through this change with ultimate grace, we must first stay in our body. We can’t receive into the form if we’re not in it! This means we get out of our heads, stop thinking, and start feeling more. You don’t need to fight or control the thoughts, you just FEEL. After you do this for so long, your awareness reacclimatizes down into the body. This isn’t technically hard at all, but it takes persistence. The choice to persist becomes easier as you realize how the thinking drains you of life force, intuition, health, joy, lightness. Unconscious thinking also hooks you into the energies of the mass consciousness, into that big cloud of fear energy which creates more feelings of fight, irritation, stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Overthinking is not your friend. Stay in your body and feel, even when you’re moving about, talking, driving, watching TV, typing on your laptop.

Next, we surrender the survival tendencies to include control, strict discipline, push, pull, fight, and force. Rather than pushing things, we flow with them. If something isn’t working or we feel resistance, we simply back off a bit and go another direction. Sometimes it’s just a break that is needed to allow energies to loosen up and realign. Sometimes the energies are steering us away from old magnetics (the old attachment/aversion attractions) for our highest good. Being open and receptive means being fluid and flexible rather than rigid and fixed. If any routine or activity starts to feel heavy, if it becomes a drag, switch it up! Since you’re not thinking so much, but you’re feeling, it’s pretty easy to notice this, but….. it does require surrendering the ego… hmmmm… yes, all that superficial stuff about acquiring this and that, about what others think of us, about surviving.

Here’s where we go with total acceptance of what IS and choose what truly feels joyful, fun, or nurturing. We say “no, thanks” when we want to say “NO, I don’t feel like it”! Yet, we get going and just do what we know needs to be done for our own good. Communication within our own Creator Self becomes typical, and in many cases we simply check in with Self for a yes or no. I find this almost always leads to the confirmation of what I felt, but sometimes it also leads me away from old habits or things the mind finds seductive, and it leads me into new things the mind has zero idea about. Part of acceptance of self beyond survival tendencies means we rest when we feel to rest and we play when we feel to play! Work and everything else becomes more and more like play all along the way because we’re neither embodying, nor driven by the harsh, heavy old energies.

It’s not all fun and games to stay in the body when these changes are occurring. I feel eclipses so intensely, so very powerfully, that my typical attitude of “bring it on, let’s goooooo” switches to “okay, okay, wowww, can we please just slow down a bit???”. I won’t go into specific symptoms here, so not to create more beliefs and expectations for inquiring minds. I encourage you to allow each experience be fresh each and every time, and to connect with your Self for answers to the questions of the mind. The questions are always from the mind/ego because You, the true YOU is coordinating it all.

As the new codes come in and activate, now it’s time for some fun! We get into new adventures and new opportunities for integration! You see, it’s not just about downloading and embodying these light codes, it’s about integration, which means walking your walk.

Will you act out in ego-land or will you act like a Creator? I AM THAT I AM, no exceptions. Every ounce of energy we give to duality is just that, giving our energy and our power away to the old paradigm, which just means we are holding that density in the body and refusing to accept more of ourselves in. And yeah, of course, sometimes we trip, we fall, we get sidetracked, we get distracted, and that’s all fine - this is an evolution experienced in time. We don’t go from cradle to running marathons overnight. We build endurance quite naturally with each step, so if you accidentally slip back into some old fear tactic, so what? Today’s a new day! Keep stepping ahead. Let the past be done, complete. Now, BE in awareness and flow with whatever comes to you.

Right now is a great time to let the rubber meet the road with full excitement. Have a ball and enjoy life more than ever. If you’re one of the people experiencing body challenges, that could mean letting yourself watch movies and eat ice cream and not worrying about the rest! You may be working in the garden, hanging out in a coffee shop, enjoying a sunset, or working long hours at a job you love so very much. As you’re committed to your Self - the Selfless Self - the Universal Self, it’s continuously easier and lighter. What you enjoy won’t match what other’s enjoy, so be open to explore. Explore those little ideas that have come to you or say yes when something totally new comes along that feels curiously exciting. It doesn’t matter what your human life looks like so much, it’s really all about the presence that you’ve embodied and how that affects how you feel, and the Whole of Creation more than anything.

The biggest key here - the main key code you could say, is LOVE. The word love itself is such a cliche and has a zillion meanings. Loving unconditionally is refusing judgment of yourself, others or the world. This LOVE grows to only become more open, receptive, welcoming, embracing and fearlessly expressive and creative. That is some serious mastery. When you implement this with relentless zest for being YOU, for being LOVE, your body is constantly upshifting and recalibrating, which is a great problem to have!

How much can you love and embrace life? Can you see beauty in everything and everyone? Love is the ultimate healing balm and it starts within you.

Take a deep breath and feel total acceptance of your mind, body, and life, past and present.

Take another full breath and feel how beautiful and magnificent you are, something way beyond this limited expression, beyond this perception. Feel your true magnificence.

I was really surprised to receive a flow of information on DNA integration for sharing today, and I questioned it, so this here is a prime example. As you feel called to create anew, perhaps something unusual, you may be encouraged take a risk, to go into uncharted territory, to go beyond your old parameters. You’ll never know if you don’t try, and what the heck, you might let loose and have a lot of fun! Each time you say yes to your Self, your body speeds up!

Big hugs to you all. Love, Cathy

♥️Image: JohnHain Pixabay


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