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Dive Deep, Run Forth, Repeat!

Dive Deep, Run Forth, Repeat! ♥️✨🎉

The recent light blasts have pushed deep embedded energies up to crumble and leave from our bodies, minds, planet - all connected. When we take a step back and see that this light has been continually increasing since we’ve been here, in this lifetime, it’s easier to see the clearing patterns for what they are and navigate them from the bird’s eye view - rather than feeling caught in the weeds or a victim to the very gifts that are helping propel us into greater enjoyment. What a hugely exciting time to be alive with consciousness continually arising, pushing old paradigms to the surface to be washed away, most importantly from within each of us. The deep cleanings can feel quite difficult at times to move through and get back into the easy flow of life, but when things get funky it’s so important to remember that you can, and you will keep expanding into more ease and lightness. The energies are ensuring that, so even if you tried to stop this lightening up, you couldn’t! You can’t lose - you have nothing to lose, other than old outdated realities.

The challenge, for us all, is not getting caught in rabbit holes of thick energies, shutting down, overly problem solving and analyzing. Surrendering to your true Essence does not mean giving into these mental and emotional states. Many get tripped up here for years, maybe lifetimes! When we dive into the deep parts, the dense dimensions, they may feel heavy, scary, hard, and downright imprisoning, but it’s only a perspective.

Sometimes it feels we went back into an old, smaller way of being, but it’s just that we are revisiting this “time” to free up that part of us and close the door on old chapters. We dive in to meet this part of us. We breathe, feel, acknowledge and appreciate what was created to set it free, and then we open our wings and fly out.

When we bring our light into these areas, the ego does a great job of trying to hold us hostage. It wants that light, that reinforcement, that focus to stay and keep it valid, keep it alive. It will do everything to convince you to stay small, to sneakily shut the doors of your expanded perception, to hypnotize you back into old patterns, to convince you of all sorts of derogatory things, to instill doubt, fear, separation, unworthiness, etc. As long as you stay here, you allow the ego to act as the puppet master, which is always your choice. There's no shame in this, for we've all done it unconsciously, but now we can glimpse beyond it.

It can be easy, comfy and seductive to go back into old patterns whether its emotional discord, physical patterns of addiction, avoidance, withdrawal, shutdown, fight, flight, etc. The great news is that we are always keep stepping beyond these foggy visions of reality, one step at a time.

Let’s say you’re clearing out some deep fears from childhood, which most definitely are linked to other incarnations you’re feeling simultaneously. As you are expanding, these dimensions come right up next to you, right here in this life. You’re expanding through them 24/7, melding that part of you “home”, reclaiming any split soul facets. While you’re swimming in these dimensions or memories very viscerally, maybe for weeks or months, you feel all the related fear. You feel it while you’re at the store, talking to friends, out for a walk, watching TV, etc. This is just how it works. You are walking in these worlds simultaneously and the energies are felt as they’re so powerfully, so divinely dissolving away.

How do we navigate this process again and again, quickly and efficiently?

🥰Face it, Feel it, Connect to it

Take as much time as you need to simply breathe and feel it dissolve. Connect with the sensations and ask “why are you here? What is this?”. Drink in the weird, odd, scary, uncomfortable sensations and be willing to feel it all. We’ve all had a major fear or fear, and pushed many fearful thoughts and energies away, so now step up and welcome the fear forward and drink it in. Breathe it in and remind your mind and body “It’s just a sensation, it can’t actually hurt me”. Facing fear or whatever you’ve been avoiding is scary at first but becomes satisfying and empowering when we are no longer making it bigger than us.

2. Stay in your body, breath, presence. Stay out of your head. Don’t feed the fear. Don’t feed it’s stories. You’ll never unwind the giant ball of yarn because the ego will keep creating nuances and what ifs, and more… it has no end. When the energies have dissolved to a certain point, will actually shrug, smile, and step beyond it.


Stay clear that this energy is from another place/space. Stay clear that this is not you, nor is it related to the people and situations right in front of you. You are not your childhood memories. You are not your other lives. You created them as one minuscule creation to explore through, but they are not you.

Don’t adopt the energies that are leaving with your thoughts, words or actions: “I’m scared, I have anxiety, why is this happening to me, I’m unhappy, etc.”.

Differentiate these energies from you. You are not energy, you are the Creator of the energies. Let your awareness and vocabulary be clear in this: “there’s an energy of fear clearing and I feel it everywhere I go”.

Each time you feel these old emotional energies for no reason, celebrate and do a little dance because they are finally leaving. Don’t engage and try to problem solve them.

If a bus is recklessly speeding directly at you and you feel fear, Okay! Engage your legs and run! That is valid. Otherwise, it’s old emotions clearing and quite often people misplace them onto others, situations, etc. They’re just bubbling up and dissolving in your presence.

You are dissolving the fear as you, the presence of love that you are, the light of consciousness, simply radiates through your body. Love is always the answer - and that love is you. Your body is your portal to the world. None of the emotional energies are you, so they can't hang on unless you invite them in and make them a pet - wave goodbye.

🥰🥰🥰The Big Shift!

Ahhh, we made it to the good part! This is the mastery trick. This is the fun part. This is where you get back to feeling more like yourself. You choose freedom, fun, enjoyment, love, expression, and to live your life fully because you deserve nothing less than the best of the best!

Change your focus to what you want to do, be or create. Perhaps now is a good time to contemplate what is really important to you and your heart. How do you want to live, what do you want to offer yourself and the world. How can you best love or benefit your body, mind, world? What would you like to offer, engage with? Everything we do is an opportunity to love.

Once you choose your direction - plan, schedule, focus, and choose it with every ounce of passion within you. Go big or go home! Put your whole heart into it.

Start walking, one teeny step at a time, with single minded, firm, unwavering focus on this love you choose, on this life you choose. Those old emotional constructs might still be chattering a bit, but when you jump into life, when you open and express from the heart, when you refuse to feed the old energy, it dissolves away all by itself. ✨POOF✨ Maybe it was all just a dream?

Don’t look back! 😝👀 Look forward! 😻♥️🎉 Namaste! ✨

Photo courtesy of Pixabay artist David Mark

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