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Allowing the Perfection of your Expression

Do you embrace and recognize your innate perfection? Do you allow yourself to talk, flow, share, design, create, move, groove, connect, communicate? How much do you filter, control, manage, question, doubt, hide, minimize, or attempt to mold yourself into a facade?

There are so many theories and opinions about existence and the point of life. In some ways, there are as many truths as opinions since we all create beliefs and anchor them into our reality like a stake in the ground. It’s amazing that even if we say we believe the same thing as another person, it could never be precisely the same. Our uniqueness is inherent, so even when we try to conform, it’s a futile and impertinent act. One of the most invaluable freedoms is your expression, and it is also the epitome of the magnificence of your eternal essence here in a physical form. Let's not waste it!

Are you allowing your true, effortless expression to flow as freely as the wind? When you do express yourself, do you ever notice that little control aspect, AKA the ego, trying to keep you in line, keep you safe, keep you conforming to it's rulebook filled with tiny little boxes? “Should I do less/more, be more strict/flexible, loud/quiet, serious/humorous, bold/docile, careful/wild, big/small, old/young, rich/poor, hard/soft, nicer/tougher, etc.”. The funniest thing about all of this, is it's completely and thoroughly about controlling how other people will judge us, or at times how we judge ourselves and the "right" way to be. As if life is a media event and we’re trying to control the viewers perceptions, the biggest viewer being the ego.

It’s not even always about being liked, respected, appreciated, or accepted although it may be more common to seek "positive" reactions. In my younger years, I worked hard to be standoffish and unapproachable, to keep other people away and stay safe. We mostly just want to feel safe and loved. The ones fighting with others are often are seeking human contact. The ones trying to maintain power over others are driven by fear. Every human is ultimately seeking love, they just forgot that they are already connected to that limitless Source of love internally. When we feel unconditionally loved, we feel 100% safe, and we're secure in our own unique, natural expression.

Way beyond the polarity game of light and dark, the light of consciousness is always expressing and expanding in absolute perfection. Trying to contain and control your expression goes against nature. It causes stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and exhaustion. Imagine the sun trying to change it’s color or dim it’s light, or birds trying to change their tune to please another. It seems utterly ridiculous, yet it’s the way society has been for ages. No wonder there’s such a long history of war and suffering! What a cool time we live in, with so many waking up beyond the trancelike state of survival and conditioning. Not only do we get to know and feel who we really are, we get to continuously explore our unique expressions!

But really, how do we allow the perfection of our true, divine, unfiltered expression to come through? Courage and awareness. Gosh, here we go again… everything comes back to being present, doesn’t it? But seriously, we take a deep breath and say “Higher Levels, express through me”, welcoming the expression of your highest consciousness, and let it rip, without thinking about it. At some point, you just decide to leap into it because giving your power away to the outside world can no longer be tolerated. Next, you flow with it. Last is the funnest part, you refuse to judge it. That little safety mechanism is going to come back around and present all those questions listed above, and a million more, and try to put you back into the safe little boxes. But you just came full circle back to awareness. As always, breathe, feel, watch & allow. Beyond judgment, you allow all the old safety mechanisms to arise and dissolve into your expanded presence, into the safe space of love within, into the total acceptance of all that is. You keep doing this over and over and your energy transforms and refines itself for you, dissolving away the old additives and making room for more of YOU to come through. You start having so much fun with, and as yourself, that the old voice of the ego gets more and more flimsy, until it’s completely lost in the grand radiance of your expression.

You will not often find unconditional love and acceptance in the outside world, so you simply choose what works for you, and let it flow. You become your own safe space beyond polarity and judgment. Whether it’s talking with others, typing a blog, or how you walk down the street, would you rather let the outside world dictate your expression, or be as free as the wind? One day you may sit quietly in your own world while others are bound to conversation, and the next day you might be the one speaking, laughing, or dancing in a constricted atmosphere. There are no rules. As you become this free expression, ironically, the unconditional love and acceptance that you grant yourself will start to manifest with similar friendships coming to you. You’ll have partners in crime to really enjoy breaking down the old rules & letting yourself be however the heck

you choose to be, right here, right now. Namaste

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” ~ St. Francis


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