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Energy work creates an open door for you to quantum leap with greater ease.  Your expansion is ultimately up to your own commitment to being true to yourself, but with the additional support of the energy work that I provide, your transformation can be faster, easier, and lighter.  The old energies are leaving already, but this is a matter of acceleration and offering a quick hand up when dear ones are struggling.  Energy work can especially benefit your physical body, as everything, including all cellular breakdowns, start with energy.   


Energy work can include the clearing of energies, entities, thoughts, discarnates, contracts, agreements, interferences, and more - from your body, mind, aura, home, family, friends, pets, and more.  The old energy is leaving, let's just open the door and sweep it out!  


I will be replacing the old energies with pure Source light, and this also creates a smoother pathway for your split facet integrations.   Pure crystalline energies get delivered to your body, mind, and aura, and wherever the old energies are creating blockages for you.  


Nothing I offer or share comes from a modality, but rather, I have a direct communion with your Creator Self and bring through the highest vibratory frequencies that will support you, with no limits nor constraints, only what is divinely orchestrated by you, for you.  Everything I offer has been practiced and embodied by me for the last decade, being my own facilitator and test subject, so I can personally attest to the reliability and potency, and most importantly the incredible shifts that are available for anyone and everyone willing to step into themseves as Creator.  


Please let me know why you are requesting energy work and I will set this intent, but I choose no specific destination, nor outcome for this light per se, as it has a divine intelligence of it's own accord.  Your intent is what is most important.   Drink lots of water and sleep or rest when you feel called to!  If you'd like support with that, check out my free audios on the gifts page, insight timer, or YouTube.  


I will email to confirm when I have completed the energy work.  Since energy moves within, beyond and throughout time and space, it may be felt or noticed more when you are relaxed and/or in your sleep hours, so no worries on the exact timing.  The energies will shift and integrate in a way that best compliments your active life, and they are always ultimately overseen and orchestrated by your Creator Self as you welcome your true essence to be in the driver's seat of your journey.  Namaste 

Energy Work -30 min

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