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Upon reciept of order, I will contact you to schedule our sessions and email the Zoom links and schedule summary.  Feel free to contact me with questions at any time.


Ensure you have a nice quiet, calm, safe space for our chats.  We may also incorporate a combination of breath, movement, energy work, or more that we do together during this time.  I am happy to guide the sessions, but you can also request what feels most supportive to you.  You are welcome to incorporate non-phone options as part of your weekly call time (energy work for you, your home, your family, channeled writing, email or audio response, etc.). 


Zoom calls will be recorded and emailed if you prefer.  I look forward to our journey together!  Namaste ✨


Travel Companion - 4 weeks

$700.00 Regular Price
$490.00Sale Price
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