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What To Do?

I really feel for kids today when they're asked "what do you want to do with your life?"! What a load of stress that can be! Can you relate? I surely can. It's a question I've asked myself again and again year after year "what would I LOVE to do with this grand opportunity of life???".

We live many lives in this body with many identities, many jobs, many relationships, many changes, many endings and new beginnings, discovering and re-discovering more of our true Self's enjoyments and expressions again and again. You get to the point in life - perhaps like me, where you're nearing that typical "retirement age", and the choice of how you live life becomes clearly and uncompromisingly about true fulfillment from the inside out. Why settle for anything less?

No, really. Why would you settle for anything less?

What to do? What to do? What really calls to you? What sounds like fun? Most importantly how does it FEEL? How do you feel when you're doing it?

Choosing enjoyment is totally up to you, but it requires some masterly navigation. At first, it feels like constant work, readjusting how you relate to the world, but eventually the new autopilot takes over. The new way of navigating from enjoyment makes the old way of living seems so darn heavy, tedious, sticky, and like a ton of work! Plus, you can just keep flowing with more and more ease and who knows what else there is to discover and enjoy?


Will you become preoccupied other people's opinions, drama, judgments?

Or, will you cut the cords and keep flowing?

Will you become preoccupied with situations?

Or, can you let each situation be what it is and dance through it unattached? Keep flowing!

Will you try to conceptualize your creations through the mind (overthink)?

Or, will you take one physical step, again and again, with curiosity, and see where the path leads you? Write one sentence, paint one picture, speak a few words, make phone call, take a drive.... and let creation open to you... let true creation flow through you.

Will you seek a specific goal or outcome?

Or, will you release your preconceptions and keep flowing WITH and AS creation, to let the best of the VERY best come to you, let the very best come THROUGH you? "I dare the universe to delight me beyond any concept of what the mind could ask for! Make me an instrument!"

Money$! Will you have enough to survive, pay bills, live life?

Always... when you follow your heart and keep expressing from true integrity, curiosity, presence, and enJOYment (not to be confused with judgment, self riotousness, seeking, or control). You will always, always, always have enough when you judge no one, no thing, and keep flowing from the heart. This is the fun part because the creations keep evolving with you!

What about others' behavior or the wacky world?

You can see lack of integrity, energy feeding and manipulation all around. With a smile of compassion you live and let live, needing not entangle yourself. You need not welcome, nor accept drama in your personal life. Love and acceptance feels wonderful. Judgment feels icky. Perhaps you allow the words of honesty to flow and you find more endings and new beginnings. Quite often, you simply flow around others' bad days, not misplacing others' burdens upon your shoulders. You are the living example of continual inner connectedness.

What about manifesting money, fine things, travel, achievements, etc?

When you're fulfilled from the inside out, who cares? You certainly don't. Child's play.

But most certainly, wonderful things will come when you're in presence, when you're not seeking things, but you are fully, unapologetically, uninhibitedly, wide openly giving yourself permission to flow with WHAT IS without judgment!

When you are enjoying life, life just keeps enjoying YOU enjoying life! Giving and receiving are One.

ENJOY LIFE, that's what to do! Namaste ✨

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