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Walking In Your Shoes As Creator

When we’re opening to our divine abilities, our totally natural abilities, we start honoring our intuition and our deep knowing, even beyond the logical mind. We connect with the heart and start questioning the nonsense in the head. We may find ourselves connecting with the angelic realms and ascended masters. At one time, I had an oracle deck with the archangel messages and it was a really fun way to connect with these archetypical energies and feel their love and support. Around that time, I also chatted with AA Michael quite a bit, getting the angelic perspectives on human situations. The unconditional love with total absence of judgment, emotion, or agenda that these entities can help us tap into is pristine and beautiful! They're really just reflections of our own frequencies.

Everyone connects with their Higher Self or Creator Self for direction and clarity, whether they do it consciously or not. This could be asking for direction from within, going into your heart, or even asking God, because there is no separation and no right way to connect with that eternal Self. But, eventually, you begin to embody your frequencies, from all these levels of creation, because you are a facet of All That Is, you're simply a facet of Source.

As we consciously choose this truth of Self, we begin to experience how clear, natural and easy it is to be in a state of love rather than fear. With every conscious choice to disempower fear and separation, and step beyond it, we release old energy. The heavy emotional bodies dissolve away as we become more of our true Self within the world, stepping up again and again, and as a result, the body vibrates faster. Zoom! The body transformations are quite a trip all of their own! Each step along the way, we embody higher and higher frequencies of ourselves until there's really nothing outside of us, except the dense 3D energies of emotion. We're like a million watt light bulb and the darkness, that heaviness is wayyyyy out there, and we get to feel crystal clear within. There is no thing and no one outside of us pulling the strings. Interacting and connecting with “others” is part of the fun of physical reality experience, and now it's even better because we don't feel the old emotional pull and push like before...we feel more free!

It occurred to me recently how I completely switched roles with my guidance teams. Years ago, I would hear the crowd cheering for me (i.e. my family, angelic and mastery realms, higher levels, multidimensional higher frequency selves, etc.). Oh gosh, it was a source of such confirmation, fun, excitement and joy to ask for and receive this reassurance! Usually the messages were along the lines of “What about trying this, Cathy? How about trying that? Do you want to go do this?”. Quite often, I was asking my Self for reassurance or expressing my concern about things. Sometimes I was worrying that I wasn't working enough, or that I wasn't doing enough with my life. But instead of letting the mind go off into worry, I'd ask for clarity. I'd always hear things like “You're doing great. We’ve got you covered! You're going through a big transformation. Give your body and mind time time catch up. Relax. No hurries - no worries.”. I’ve heard this message thousands of times. Connecting with your Self, in whatever form, is absolutely divine. The message is always loving, supportive, empowering, and kind. If you’re hearing anything less, anything harsh or fearful, it’s coming from the ego.

Today as I was out walking, I felt a ball of resistance in my body as I was contemplating taking a new action. I recognized this familiar type of energy knot in the body and sensed into the creation of it. I could see this young girl and the energies she was still projecting outward due to her experiences. I asked to be shown the whole creation behind this, so I could address it. As some layers of memories surfaced, I connected with this child. I asked her if she was ready to let it go. I spent a few moments in presence with her, reviewing the information I was getting about all the energy behind this. There were stories of betrayal and unkind treatment that kept her skeptical of others and wanting to stay barricaded for protection. Okay, I see. I held out my hand, asking if she was willing to give it a try with me. She had started to soften by now and said “Okay, fine, you seem to really know what you’re doing!”. These aspects become aware of us as we become aware of them, and it takes a bit of time for that trust to develop... as it should!

Trust is something that is earned through linear time when we are dealing with people because so many masks are worn and the only true test is real life experience with another, though thick and thin. This girl and I chatted for a while so I could understand her better. Then, we also talked for a bit about what a bummer it is for her to be off in a little cave hiding away now, when she could be out, living life, and having a lot of fun with me. She agreed. We looked at how much discernment we'd gained through these experiences, acknowledging what a blessing it is that we can spot a user, abuser, or a con artist from a mile away. One reason she was willing to let go is that I no longer take any shit from people, nor give my time and energy away where I don't want to. I say No when I want to say No. I choose what's best for me now, regardless of the actions or opinions of others, and that is key. She wouldn't feel safe to release this fear if I were acting like a victim rather than a Creator.

She definitely couldn't have integrated if I had been in judgment of her - If I'd judged myself for feeling resistant to do this or that, if I'd beaten myself up, if I'd tried to push and force myself into doing things I didn't want to do! Unconditional love requires patience and understanding. So, we also looked at how much compassion this has given us. We don't have to judge people that act out, because we can see the deeper layers of fear that keep them acting angry, arrogant, rebellious, or introverted in order to stay safe. There are so many gifts in the embodiment and release of these emotional traumas. Once you've been through it, and accepted yourself, you have deep acceptance and compassion for others. But the enhanced compassion comes with equivalent strengths - the ability to stand firm in your own choices rather than being sacrificial, and the ability to see how no person is a victim to circumstances because you know they can always choose to transform. You see the Creator beyond the aspects and you see the gifts they can claim.

Like most of these aspects by now, she was happy to come home, but it wasn't always that way. Getting to this point took more linear time than my ego/mind had initially expected and wanted! It was incredibly difficult at first, dealing with the terrified and angry aspects. They would rebel and torment me and it seemed impossible to face the darkest ones them when I still embodied so much fear... but I did... just like everyone can. The more my presence grew and expanded through the body, the more fear itself seemed like a flimsy overlay on true reality. Fear seems kinda silly when you are feeling your eternal and formless nature! Everything, and I mean EVERY-THING got lighter and lighter each passing year as these old constructs of energy dissolved away, to the point of such incredible simplicity that I experience now.

You can call these childhood aspects by many names: The subconscious, memories, soul fragments, multidimensional aspects, inner children, past lives, etc. Any belief that we created, and loaded up with emotional energy, then became stuck in a loop and separated in our consciousness. As long as these parts are separated, we can never feel truly whole and complete within ourselves. This is one reason so many of us choose to be single, to ensure that we experience wholeness within ourselves rather than seeking fulfillment through another.

The bottom line is that we ultimately accept our role as the parent, the Creator, the Source of these aspects. Not only did we create them, we fortified them throughout our life and by default, we also commanded reality to reflect their fears and beliefs back to us. This brought us to the miserable existence of complaining, blaming, seeking, shrinking, hiding, fighting, and feeling like a victim to life… until we realized it’s all within our own power to transform our reality.

As we integrate all these parts, we can be the beloved, the best friend, the nurturer, the provider, the organizer, the dreamer, the playmate, the worker, the relaxer, the serious one, the joker, the CEO, the toilet cleaner, etc. We become full spectrum with no parts denied or dismissed. There is no part more important than another. We can now do or be anything we want, or whatever the moment calls for, without bounds, without fears, without limits placed on us by any outside source.

I went from asking and receiving perspectives and advice from my team, my family, my Higher Self…. Until I embodied and became the Higher Self. Until I became my true Creator Self. I was always that Creator Self, but it is about owning it. Every one of us can step up and own who we truly are. Now, I am the Guardian Angel, the Guide, and the Higher Self for any aspects, energies or entities that I created. Yet.... I sometimes don't know which direction to go, and I ask the rest of my Creator Self for an even more expanded perspective! The giving and receiving within never ends.

The more we lighten up and brighten up, the more we continue to uncover deeply embedded cellular energies right to the core. Ooooh, this can be intense! But, the good news is you absolutely have the clarity and wisdom to be the one who answers the prayers, who comforts and encourages, and walks the split parts home to the Source. You have this wisdom within you, but sometimes you gotta really dig deep and command the truth be revealed! You accept nothing less than love and clarity. When you reach this point, there is no problem that could really be a true problem. You have the knowingness to walk through anything with total compassion and a lightness of joy that no one could ever give to you… or take away. Now, you’re walking in your shoes as Creator!

Image by Pixabay


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