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Beyond Earthly Patterns

The patterns in our body, mind, and world keep us in resistance to expansion, creating the same outcome again and again, and limiting our experiences. They have been held in the physical and etheric bodies with all these belief systems showing up as things like needing to eat or sleep in certain patterns, even being attached to the earthly cycles of dark, light, cold, warm, or the celestial attributes often shared through various astrological modalities. While it's all beautiful in its own way, and very much true on certain levels of creation, when you embody your Creator Self, you are transcending all the old earthly energy patterns of identification, and stepping into freedom beyond all of it.

You're no longer identified with your gender, skin color, birth date, family lineage, continent, country, childhood, career, family, money, status, etc., it's just the body you picked up as Source and what you have done with it. Ironically, the less you are identified with any of this, the more you are open to enjoy it all - to be yourself and to enjoy everything and everyone just as they are.

Some awaken to their heritage beyond earth and create whole new identities - Pleadian, Galactic, Spiritual, Celestial, Angelic, Saintly, etc. This can become such a sneaky ego back door to creating more boxes to put yourself into. Spiritual identities can create big chains of confinement within your life. Every single person on the planet is Creator - A facet of Source. No one is more divine than another. It's just a matter of waking from the dream of survival and stepping into who we've always been. The more we see this truth in others, just as we see it in ourselves, the more we can set them free on their journey and let them do, act, and be whatever they are choosing, without judgment.

As you become and stay aware that none of this is who you really are, you can dance and play anywhere and everywhere without feeling restricted or pulled this way or that way. You can express yourself in any which way, without trying to fit into some mold that you chose for yourself. You can really embrace being human in all its colors and flavors. You can laugh at it all and yet, you've been there, so your laughter is not laced with sarcasm or anger, it's filled with compassion and lightness. You know it's all a temporary act of consciousness.

Cozy comfort can still be be enjoyed, but rather than it becoming a prison, we break down the energetics and simultaneously start stepping out into the world - wide open - more and more, without all the old tunnel visions of what we want, what we don't want, what we like, what we don't like, who we are, who we're not, "what kind of person we are", and all this hidden judgment.

Now the coolest part! We become wide open to receiving gifts and new opportunities from every direction. We are open to the real joy of living freely and expressing ourselves without restriction. As you clear those old restrictions within every layer and level of your human form, Source flows through you uninhibited! Your joy, radiance, creativity, expression knows no bounds! It will surely surprise you because it goes beyond the old mental programming.

You are dancing with creation, as part of creation, and it's free to open, unfurl, expand, change, go this way, and go that way. You will surely face many twists and turns in this embodiment dance, so how beautiful when you can just flow with it all, not judging anything nor trying to hold old patterns in place!

You're in constant connection with YOU, the undefinable presence and love of All That Is. As you surrender the little ego-made human will over to your Creator Self, and you fearlessly allow God, Creator, Universe (whatever you choose to call it) into your life, you can see how loved and supported you are through every twist and turn. Gifts show up in unexpected places because you've left the old stomping grounds and now the Universe can come in and embrace you in so many more ways, shapes, and forms.

Join me tomorrow as we relax into the body and let the old be replaced easily with the new... breaking down patterns that your physical vessel has had in place for eons, right down to the genetics, ancestral, and primal survival patterns. We are evolving our DNA and becoming energetically translucent for long-term health, freedom and lightness - to stay and play on this planet as long as we choose, as Creator!

Breathe & Feel 6pm Central (Chicago)

Join us live or just receive the replay link after the call.

Photo by spirit111 on Pixabay

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