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The sun beyond the clouds

Clouds roll through crystal clear skies.

Each day, the dark of night comes.

But the sun is always shining.


Neither density nor darkness would exist without light. A shadow does not exist without a light. Darkness as a whole does not exist - it is all a play of light.

You are the player of the light!

You, your light, is eternal. The clouds aren't. The shadows aren't. They're just plays on the light.

Don't take it serious!


BE YOU seriously... Be in your presence, your heart, not your mind... engage it to update your schedule and then leave it aside for most of the time.

Go with the knowing, intuitive invitations, the illogical whispers to do this or that. Feel the yes or no, it is that simple.

Trust the yes before analysis. This analyzer pulls dark clouds from the subconscious and clutters your skies. You don't have to believe they are real, you don't have to go there anymore.

The clouds are formed by beliefs. They are filled with the emotion (rain, hail, thunder). You pumped them with the energy of thoughts and actions. It was always your choice, as Creator, we just forgot.

It still is. Your choice.

Are you still creating storm clouds??? If so, why?

Are you letting them come, dump the rain, ⚡️ release the energy ⚡️ so your skies can clear up? Are you celebrating and enjoying the storms as they fizzle out, or keep reinforcing them with resistance and judgment?

It is your choice, but why would one invigorate new beliefs or emotions to clutter the skies when we can now witness new energy, creating beyond belief, letting energy freely move into continuous new expanses rather than locking it into a dense shape. Letting go of control, the perception of control within the mind's beliefs, is one of the scariest things we choose.... to allow life to unfold in brilliant new ways.


Life is happening regardless of the mind's opinions, so what if you don't think about it so much and just go with it?

Besides waking up, what if the big, huge, serious purpose of existence is enjoying life.

Are you enjoying it all right now? If not, you can choose it.

It's always right now.




Clouds come in all shapes & sizes. Big and foreboding, light and fluffy. Some days they cover the whole sky in grey, other days are crystal clear.

You can pretend the clouds are big and real, and make them affect how you feel.... or you can expand beyond them, be you, and enjoy yourself anytime.


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