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Relax, You're Just Integrating All The Separation Within

Do you trust that when you feel to move, it's time to move; and when you feel to relax, it's time to relax? Embodiment can feel like a dance of stop and go, up and down, in and out, and so that serves us well! Listen to that inner feeling and knowing, and trust that when you follow your guidance, you are always allowing the most beautiful, beneficial outcome.

The last few days, I expected to make some updates on my website and get a few things done at home. Whenever I get the nudge to do something new, I can get a little gung ho, let's go! It's partially genuine excitement, and partially the overlays of survival still pushing a bit. For weeks, I've been hearing "Take it easy, relax, integrate, let the new come to you". Sometimes the mind says "Geez, how damn long do these integrations take!?". Sound familiar?

As usual, the past months were filled with dimensional integrations. I often see and experience aspects from this life, or parallel lives that had been still playing out an experience of fear. As my awareness expands in presence, with zero judgment, they merge home and eventually that old fear that I'd experienced my whole life seems as though it never existed. When we know that these fears or odd feelings are not us, and we can sense our true boundlessness, it's natural to be impatient - let's just get on with it already! But, I'm reminded so often as to why it serves to relax and integrate.

This morning I just kept hearing "integrate, integrate". After morning coffee and a shower, I went off to lay down, go inside, light up, and expand into my nothingness place, my place of quick integration, let's go. I felt the body buzzing and saw an image of a cell - as if my consciousness was just one big cell. Next, I see, know & sense ME! I AM the light of consciousness, I am the light permeating through every structure in the cell - through all of creation. I am and YOU are the spaces in between spaces. YOU are the glue that holds creation together. You're not the form. YOU are that which creates, maintains, dissolves, and evolves the form.

A common misconception here is that density is real, that separation is real. Technically, your light has never been bound, nor separated. You've always been All That Is. You can never be anything more, or anything less, and you can certainly never be contained. Take a breath and feel into the cells of your body & feel that essence of you permeating every structure.

As I lay feeling the buzz of the cells, I heard a few words "organelle, interloper, mitochondria". I've chosen not to read up on science stuff related to embodiment. I have no desire to. I've asked for years "show me from the inside out", and then I have the opportunity to confirm what the body shows me. It's a great way to go direct, which is one thing I absolutely love to do with the body, taking nothing from the outside world. I let the body communicate all it's needs to me rather than the mind taking in external information and beliefs, and then projecting it onto the body. I'm here to go beyond what was once experienced, not be confined by it and keep repeating it. I find it's easier to learn very little from outside in order to be more open to what's presented inside.

My google search of the choice words, as usual, provided that extra boost of confirmation and big picture. There's a lot of recent research confirming that when the structures of the cell are not communicating, or you could say when they are "living in separation", the body is open to disease and disfunction. Furthermore, scientists have learned more about the structures working together to evolve the human genome and DNA. That's what I was seeing and feeling, my integration taking place on the physical and cellular level. I was experiencing the absence of separation, and the total connectivity of the tiniest structures, right down to the nucleus, and beyond - into the perceivable spaces, which aren't really spaces - it's all connected. The body knows exactly what to do, and can function like a well oiled machine, when every facet is in a state of wide open, clear communication.

It doesn't matter what levels of consciousness you're integrating - celestial, galactic, universal, mystical, earthly, childhood, etc. Remember, it's all connected. Most importantly, you're integrating right down through the physical structure of this human body you've chosen to call home! One great thing about this is no longer feeling what caused the separation - intense fears and emotions! Another great thing is optimal health, lightness, and vibrancy. Other great things include the embodiment of unique skills, intuition, compassion, and on and on. Plus, if you enjoy some good Netflix binges, quiet time in nature, music, breathing, naps, or whatever you like to do for full body relaxation, I suggest you soak it up! Enjoy the integration time, it's vital and it's just part of the natural process. There is certainly so much going on beyond what I shared here, beyond my mind's comprehension, so I'm going to trust that when I hear "just integrate", I can simply relax. Namaste ✨

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