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Peace, Clarity and fantastically intense planetary energies

The mass consciousness energies have been so filled with frantic pressure. Are you feeling it? It takes solid awareness to keep all of yourself firmly rooted in the Now moment, where all of your energy, clarity, and divinely perfect manifestations are available. The amplified frequencies are causing the densest energies, call it the darkest energies if you like, to grasp and roar. Much like humans often have a last minute swell of energy just before letting go to cross over, the energy of survival gives it's final thrust at hanging onto life. So much of humanity has sent energy out into the future, hoping for Covid to disappear, for world events to settle down, for weather to subside, etc. That's in addition to the usual goal setting, seeking purpose, external happiness, or success, and just not being satisfied in this moment. The world is evolving faster and lighter than ever, but it will continue to be a gradual process for years to come, allowing the time needed for physical, mental, and emotional changes individually and collectively. If you're wishing for more peace, harmony, and love, the answer lies within you and is found through full presence and acceptance right here, right now. It is, and always will be, right now. Nothing else exists.

So how do we remain in our peaceful presence when the mass consciousness energies are yelling so loudly? Understand that we experience the clearing of energies differently, depending on each individual's unique conditioning and phase in life, but it can show up as the grasping of fear, self doubt, not good enough, unlovable, feeling unloved, pressure to do/be better or more, terror, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, blame, despair, aloofness, apathy, etc. Also, be aware that you feel the collective energies. It is easy to identify with the mass consciousness emotional surges, plug in, get caught up in it, and let it take you on a rollercoaster ride. After all, it's like a comfortable old pair of shoes, no longer supportive, falling apart at the seams, but it's so enticing to hold onto them - they're so comfy and familiar! Except, they become painful, impractical, and can't take you much further.

You may notice when you visit certain places, how loud the energies are. When I attend large sporting events, it's like the energy is yelling with competition, it can feel forceful and kinda mean, like a battlefield. Realizing it's just the energy of competitors and their fans gives me freedom to watch it, and even laugh at it how silly it can be! People actually take competing with one another seriously, like life or death, in a sporting game tossing a ball around of all the nutty things! Sometimes I wear headphones and listen to music, stay with feeling my breath, with feeling and even stretching my body, ultimately keeping my awareness more within and tuned into my essence. I might engage in a conversation and in that moment of shifting focus and connecting with someone, the energetic noise shrinks into the periphery. It can be helpful to observe the energies for initial clarity and understanding, but from there I find shifting my awareness to something more enjoyable and expressive is key. When we are expressing, our energy opens and radiates. Expressing may be as simple as feeling deep breaths moving through your torso, inhaling love, exhaling love, or whatever calls to you. Why sit and focus on all this old stuff for too long when it doesn't feel great? You can only make fun of it for so long. Taking a walk or a drive and singing along with my music is a great way to clear out, refresh, and feel more joyful and expansive. At times, I may tune into a dear one's light realms and ask "why the frown on your human face?" and dance with their true essence a bit, which just lights us both up from the outside in and inside out.

When we start to judge and fear the dense energies, when we withdraw, get upset, take them seriously, feel frustrated, go to battle with them, they close in around us like a heavy, suffocating blanket. Judgment is a dense emotional energy attractant. Learning to accept, honor, and dance with earth energies is key to enjoying life with no limits.

At times I feel the earth energies so strongly in my body, besides my own continual amplifications that purify the body, mind, and aura, it can all feel so intense. Even when I am moving with my deep breath and presence centered in the body, I may feel like a bolt of lightning and it’s foreign to the mind, beyond it's control. I'm exploring states of consciousness and energy through this body that are completely new to me and my dear, cooperative mind. I asked myself for clarity the other night "How do I best dance with this? Do I keep busy, because I feel such urgency, or do I slow down, sit, and feel it all?". The clear and immediate answer, as usual was "breathe and integrate". Hah! I was asking for an either this/or that answer, but as often happens, it was "yes to both!". When I feel to move (which has been my main experience as of late), then move with breath and awareness. When I feel to sit, relax, go inward, then do it with breath and awareness. That has been the answer to so much - breathe, feel, and stay in the awareness of your presence. The rest takes care of itself. The biggest reason this works so well, is that when you are breathing and feeling, you aren't thinking. It is in the gaps between thoughts that your consciousness expands and energy realigns itself perfectly.

In moments of intensity, it has always been helpful to anchor more deeply into myself, expanding my presence inward and outward. This means at times sitting, breathing, fully present, and allowing myself to feel the "push" of heavier energies without budging, while feeling the innate perfection of my beingness, the deep peace within this timeless space, and my wholeness as pure consciousness, as All that IS, totally dis-identified with form. It can feel very uncomfortable to breathe and feel it all when you’re expanding through old dimensions. It seems easier to give in, avoid, distract, suppress, and start thinking so you don’t have to feel it all. And, best of all, that's totally okay. It's not a marathon. It's perfectly okay, and I'd say it's even wise and compassionate to let yourself enjoy breaks and the old human comforts, but do it with awareness. I'm quite fond of watching Netflix or YouTube in these moments when I want a mental distraction, perhaps a drive, a nap, some wild dance music, a snack, some wine, a visit with nature, etc. It truly doesn't matter so much what you do, if it's done with love, total self acceptance, and awareness.

When you anchor into your body, feeling your breath and essence, your consciousness expands through the heart, and it begins to automatically realign energy and physical matter into greater harmony. You profoundly affect your body, mind, life, other people, the physical planet, and more. Your expanded consciousness and the pure energy that emits from your body goes viral! It seems ironic that in the full acceptance of what is, you actually create greater change. Taking a stroll in the old shoes is understandable, because the ego will pull every trick in the book to pull or push you out of your relaxed state of presence and perfection. Until you break this pattern, you will be seeking a better tomorrow, or a better YOU, something of a fairytale since your are eternally whole and perfect. Clarity as to what’s you, and what’s man-made is your best friend, your guiding light.

Your true voice, your true essence, your true feelings are soft, kind, benevolent, supportive, uplifting, light hearted, understanding, empowering, fearless, patient, gentle, and embracing. Your true self is never lacking encouragement and compassion. In your real eyes, all is well within you and all of creation, always, all ways. Anything less than this is the voice of an old, dying, dualistic earth construct that is grasping at you for dear “life”, and can be dismissed with a simple and clear “No. Be Gone.” and then with a big grin, waving “Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE!” From your expanded state of compassion, having played the duality game, seeing it for what it is, and having commanded it be complete and resolved back to pure LOVE within yourself. Congratulations! I am celebrating with you as we sing, dance, and breathe into so much more expressive and boundless enjoyment, and the radical exploration of new energy on earth. This is such a magnificent shift of consciousness, so let’s enjoy the ride and make the most of the fantastical energies all around. With deep appreciation, from my heart to yours. Namaste!


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