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Releasing emotions with ease and celebrating your transformation!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Quite a few people are feeling intense energies and heavy emotions right now.  Here are some simple, practical tips for releasing these energies with ease.  Why not make life easy for yourself? ♥

First:  it’s normal!  It’s part of the human evolution from separation to inner-unification.  We naturally go through regular release of old emotions, so this is a cyclical process.  The best part is, it gets lighter and lighter as layer upon layer is removed.  The heaviest emotions become like old, obsolete films that you can barely believe were once perceived as feeling so real.  You reach a point where you literally can no longer fathom feeling that way ever again.  I recall feeling hatred, loneliness, and despair, but that level of density no longer exists in my body of consciousness. I have not felt such dense emotions for many years. It's important to know that eventually, the heaviest emotions will dissolve permanently from your entire being. This will happen for every person who has incarnated on earth, without a doubt. It is the process of human evolution back to our true, eternal state of wholeness. You cannot stop it, but you can make it more of a struggle, or less of a struggle for yourself. So, why not make it as easy as possible?

Second:  You really only need to breathe and feel.  It is that simple if you will let it be.  Welcome the old energy up to leave, breathe through it, and feel it dissolve.  The key is not to start thinking about it.  This mental activity, specifically the mental judgment and identification with the emotion, creates a barrier to the energy leaving.  The emotion (energy) has already unplugged and it is floating around in your consciousness to be re-examined.  You need not analyze it, but if you choose to that’s okay.  What really counts is that your analysis brings you to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with you.  At one point you decided it did, or it wouldn’t be anchored within you.  Yet now, you simply choose to be done with it.  You acknowledge that you have evolved beyond it.  You’re not asking to be done, you are choosing it, and the energy responds to your command.  And so it is.  

Again, thinking is not really necessary.  Your true eternal self is pure awareness, and as you are acutely aware of the feeling, the light of your awareness dissolves any energy created of judgment and separation.  Feel into it and you may find that you understand exactly where it came from and what it represents in your life. You can give it a nod and smile, bless it if you like, and let it leave.  Energy seeks to align itself back to the natural order and you are giving it permission.  The key is not to judge it, or fight with it, or identify with it. Accept it for what it is and watch it. If it is an old, sticky scenario, you may want to acknowledge how that emotion served it's purpose when it was created. Just as quickly, I encourage you to decide that you no longer need to create this emotion in your life again (all judgment = creation of emotion). The antidote for emotion is acceptance. Let everything be what it is, accept yourself and everything fully, and you no longer create new emotions to be cleared. An age old mantra to assist as things arise in your daily life: "It is what it is". Be patient with yourself as some emotions have been deeply embedded on many levels and take more time to clear up. Welcome in the light of your true Self or your non physical team, specifically the Ascended Masters, to assist. Much clearing actually takes place during sleep, so you can always request some work be done on the tough stuff when you go to bed.

Feeling is the ultimate mental hack.  You cannot think and feel simultaneously.  Feeling is the fast track to “healing". Going one step further, feeling your breath is like activating a transformational superpower. Your breath is constantly moving, creating sensations, and bringing fresh consciousness and energy in, while releasing the old. Simply breathe and feel that sensation of breath to shift your energy effortlessly. You can do this in your quiet time, but I like to feel my breath when driving, walking, waiting in line, cooking, etc. It becomes like a soothing balm to your nervous system that you can access anywhere, anytime. The breath becomes your constant, loyal, embracing companion.  

Third:  Celebrate!!!  This is my favorite because it shifts the energy dramatically and allows for swift and even fun transformation!   When you’re feeling utterly drab, low, angry, depressed, whatever it may be.... celebrate.  Yes, I said celebrate.  You feel this way because you are experiencing a grand transformation!  You might cheer until you cry.  “OH JOY, I feel like HELL!”   You might rawr like a lion!  You might stomp around and do a “screw everything" dance!   Perhaps you throw a temper tantrum and release a lot of energy that way?  It doesn’t matter, but embracing the transformation definitely does matter.  Fun, humor and celebration are the lightest of light!  Your whole body, energetic and physical, will rebalance in a flash!  

I am celebrating you, and all your transformations!  We are all continuously evolving, so let’s enjoy the heck out of the ride!  Namaste ~ Cathy Baumann

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