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Arising into freedom ​with others

True freedom can only arise in the absence of judgment and this especially includes the acceptance of others’ inevitable judgments about you!  Minds have been conditioned to judge, judge, judge, but you’re going beyond judgment into remembering the facet of Source you’ve always been.  You’re embodying this remembrance to live as, to express as, the L O V E you’ve always been.  You could never, ever be anything else, but you’ve been pretending to be a human seeking God, Spirituality, Answers, purpose, energy, clarity, love, worthiness, enlightenment, health, abundance, maybe a battle for power here and there, or whatever.   When you realize you already have everything you’ve ever sought, it seems like the most ridiculous scenario here!  You are the Universe, you are the Angel, you are the Ascended Master, you are the teacher and the GURU. You, in your original form, created the universe and the planet, and you exist well beyond creation and time. Whether you want to call this a dream, a holograph or a simulation, the important point here is that it's not the absolute reality.  It's just a temporary experience, and an opportunity to love, enjoy, and express in a physical form.  

From your expanded view, the judgments of the world and others carry no validity.  You have absolutely nothing to prove, so you’re not fortifying the ego by attempting to battle, control, manipulate, be understood, be accepted, or a very popular ambition “to be right” (as if such a thing even exists!).  You’re not wasting an ounce of energy seeking outside approval.  When you stop giving credibility to any of the zillions of “opinions” in the world, some folks may act offended or rejected.  So be it.  You grant others any and all judgments, perceptions, reactions, and experiences they choose.  You grant full acceptance, without wanting to sway people to see things through your lens.  You have access to infinite lenses but choose to anchor none in place.  You don’t even feel pressure to help, heal, fix, or change others in any way.  You don’t need to play victim and you don’t need to play hero.  You can let go of control and you can let things flow.  This is true compassion.  This ends all relationship struggles.  

You stop bending or compromising your inner knowing for the comfort of others, and this goes right along with stopping your attempts to bend others for your own comfort.  You don’t try to change them and you don’t let their opinions or actions change you.  You see the true essence of each person, and you see them as total perfection right now, regardless of their temporary mental, emotional, or physical conditions.  If they ask for advice or assistance in any way, you do it as their total equal, as a friend, with love instead of emotion, without need for an outcome, but full of lightheartedness because nothing is wrong and the whole process of connecting heart to heart is simply to be cherished.  Everything is in divine order.  

Your attitude is more like, “Whatever, Dude - you are free to judge me, judge yourself, judge the world, no biggie.  I’ll just do me, and you just go right ahead and do you.  I may not like your behavior, but I love you no matter what”.  So, you just keep on walking your walk, and you just keep on singing your song, knowing full well that beyond any sense of karmic imbalances, you owe no thing to no one.  From a soul level, you have awoken to arise from the slumber of forgetfulness.  Transcending the karmic paradigm doesn't occur by attempting to balance out imbalances - a common but limited perception that will create endless work for you.  Instead, you step beyond duality completely.  You choose it and you refuse to give energy to anything less.  You see everyone as whole and healthy, because they are.  You do not mis-identify others as the body, mind, bank account, life story, none of that.  You owe no thing to no one energetically, ever.  In return, you expect no thing from no one energetically, ever.  Why would you ever seek from outside of yourself when you have the love and support of the whole universe flowing within 24/7?  When you access everything from within, you have everything to share with others.  You shift out of seeking, into a more constant state of expressing freely.  Now, as your pure universal essence flows through you, everything flows to you, everything literally comes to you, and you are constantly receiving information, opportunities, love, abundance, and more than you could ever dream of asking for.

As you keep hopping along, some will feel you, and they will totally “get you” with zero explanation necessary and vice versa.  You’ll be drawn together without effort, without work, and you’ll feel ease, joy and excitement in your body and your heart! Bliss will start bubbling up unexpectedly, without reason, and you won’t even care what others think when you can’t contain the inner smile or the outer giggles!   Some will love this and some will not, but who cares, you get to enjoy all of it when you have no need for control.  The fictitious sense of outer control is minuscule, you could say it's like insanity, as compared to the essence of endless inner love.  You will find yourself really, truly, deeply enjoying others, regardless of each unique expression.  Now you're really just starting to arise and experience the embodied expression of your true Self!

Wishing you a most joyful Easter! Namaste, Cathy

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1 Comment

The Ahmyo Life
The Ahmyo Life
Apr 17, 2022

This was very appropriate for me, since I just came back from a family Easter Lunch, and I was very uncomfortable there. My biological family has a very limited view of the world, and I was feeling that I don't belong with them, so I just stayed quiet shinning my light while they were praying. But as I got home I felt this sense of judgment. It was a relief finding your article today, now the mind chatter can stop and I can release any guilt about being with them again! I can feel love and gratitude instead. ❤️The cute bunnies at the end transmit so much harmony and peace... a nice complement for your wonderful article full of wisdom.…

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