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Embody Your True Essence

You are the light of consciousness -  formless, timeless, nameless, boundless, whole

Take a deep breath


Feel your eternal presence

Your true essence is Love 

Everyday Life as Creator

Live Events

The regular monthly events are designed to support your embodiment whether you could use some relaxation, reassurance, reminders, energetic support, or old fashioned fun!  It's always wonderful to connect and allow our hearts to open into more ease and joy.  Events are hosted on Zoom and recorded, so join us live or simply enjoy the replay at your leisure.  The full schedule is on the Events Page.

Breathe & Feel Webcast

Your true essence is love, let it come in and embrace you! 


This is essentially an hour of energy work that we create together to clear and rebalance.  Deep seated emotions held in the body keep us from feeling our core essence.  I will be guiding us into a journey through breath and body, into presence and into the unique topics that arise.  You can simply listen, relax, breathe and feel!  The replays are a wonderful option to assist you with relaxing sleep or simply staying present with energies that are difficult to sit with alone. 

Enjoy a FREE call with code "BFREE" at checkout. 


 "I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for the Breathe and Feel yesterday. I replayed it again today and I am wowed by the effect and embracement of it yesterday and listening to the replay.  It feels like such a gift.  All the things that were touched on in the session are such a validation of my current situation of things that have presented and ways of moving along.  I appreciate with so much gratitude your honouring of what presents to speak about and your expression of it.  The session and recording have provided a very special experience, it is WOW for so many reasons.  Deepest gratitude and a big hug." ~AA

Everyday Mastery Events

Mastery never ends, it only grows and grows and grows 


Remembering our divinity and clearing out the old is just the beginning of awakening.  The clearer and lighter we become, the more we can play with multitudes of ways to dance with creation - to feel, sense, express and receive more fear-lessly and joy-fully, without a care in the world, but with tremendous appreciation for everything and everyone.  After all, so much of our mastery came through trial and error, to wake up from what was not our true nature, to wake up from the pain and suffering we created of separation.  It's even more fun now, when we go beyond what doesn't work, into what is more fun, deeply gratifying, and complimentary.  You can trace all this back to remembering the eternal LOVE you are.  


I'll share the information presenting for the group, which is always Universally applicable, yet unique and specific to each one.  Questions or comments are welcome via chat, video, audio or email at least an hour in advance.  

Questions are often asked for the collective, so don't hesitate to ask!  

Everyday Life as Creator


Family.  Friends.  Fun.  It's all about the love.  

We gather in presence and breathe ourselves wide open into the beautiful energies initiated and supported by St. Germain, Jesua and Mary Magdelene, and then simply allow our unique stories of wisdom, inspiration, and experience to spring forth.  


As we see through our Real-Eyes as Creator, the magnificence, perfection, and beauty in every experience is evident.  You can't help but feel gratitude and awe for this amazing human life.  


If you are called to connect with everyday folks that are walking the wild and mysterious path of remembering who we are, join me for a bit of sharing, camaraderie, and humor.  As we're open and receptive to the perspectives of others, we activate new potentials for dancing through our own everyday lives as Creator Consciousness, or unconditional love, in HuMan form.  Now we are letting life transform into more ease, more beauty, more fun, and most importantly, we know, feel, and are shown, with real life experiences, how loved and supported we truly are.  Bring your stories of insight, triumph, and magic, or if you're feeling a bit uninspired in the moment, you can sit back, breathe, feel, and enjoy.  It's about relaxing, having some fun, opening, and letting energy serve us with ease.  

Deep Dive Workshops

A Very Special Quarterly Event With Alexis Srsa 

Let us go all the way in, surrounded by the safe space we co-create together, and see the stuck patterns or parts for what they are so that we can finally open up to the divine infusion of Self.  This event is for you if you're ready for a next leap and fully committed to your Self.  Immense energies come in to support our shifts before and during the event, plus we share practical examples and everyday approaches to move forward into more clear, easy and aligned integration, moving well beyond the gravity of old struggles.


 "This workshop went so deep. Cathy and Alexis both have such a beautiful, ‘powerful’ and loving presence and the two of them together sure ‘pack a punch’, if you are ready. They freely share the wisdom they have gained from their respective experience. To hear two different ways of dealing with embodiment from  masters brings the workshop to another level."

'Thank you so much for the incredible experience with St. Germain, but mostly, with the both of you. Wishing you great success. I know so many benefited from the energies of the deep dive today - including me. Loved the event and loved the both of you. Thank you for your divine wisdom and most of all - your humour! Heart-felt blessings to you both!  Since the event, such miracles have occurred - truly. Can’t thank you both enough."

Private Sessions

I am here to assist anyone facing a conflict, lack of clarity, or simply looking to speed up their own embodiment with ease.  I show up in full presence and provide intuitive and energetic support with tones, crystalline frequencies, and insight specifically tailored for you, to help gently dissolve old energies and patterns and bring your clarity and wisdom to the forefront.  I share practical tools for lasting alignment, integration, and expansion.  


Visit the sessions page for more details


"I found Cathy’s session to be powerful, gentle and validating. From my perspective, she emanates an integrated, radiant presence that is supportive and safe. Through dialogue and sensing she attuned to the reason for the session and offered many practical tools I could take away. During the session, her radiance, wisdom and ‘team’ helped me clear, dissolve and release a lot. I highly recommend her." ~MS

Image by Alex Bertha
Savasana Series

Relax and let energy work for you

Disengage from your worldly identifications to let the old thoughts, beliefs, and energies flow out of your reality with ease and simplicity.  Reclaim the energy you've given away to the outside world & embody more of your pure Source essence to rebalance your mind and body effortlessly.  It's as simple as putting on headphones and getting comfy.   Now offered for free on the Insight Timer App and the Free Gifts Page.   

Golden Light

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate these episodes and the ones previous. I have been listening to them daily and sometimes more than once.  I find there is so much “noise” that can separate me from my inner knowingness and then doubt creeps in. So these meditations help to break through this and those mind thoughts that I know are not the true me. I look forward to future episodes, and again, very much appreciate these."  ~KL


Here I AM!  

I have a professional photo that I almost posted here, but let's just be real!  


This is the authentic me.
Yah, my hair's messy, and I've got big headphones on, but I feel joyful.

My True Self doesn't care much about outside appearances because it's all about what's inside that counts.  I'm especially joyful because I'm not trying to be anything for anyone.  I just AM.

Nothing in this whole world is worth sacrificing my joy, but it wasn't always that way.  Today, I often feel bliss for no other reason than being.

I feel my eternal nature in a deep breath or a beautiful sunset.  If you want to know a bit more about my journey into embodiment, click below!   

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