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Celebrate Yourself!!!

How often do you sit back and revel in how far you've come?

"Wowwww, I did that?! I used to.....(fill in the blank... give my power away, act of manipulation, live in fear, be reactive, have addictions, be ungrateful, etc.) but now I'm wayyyy beyond that nonsense! Wowwww, I'm pretty AWESOME! Look how far I've come!"

Just do it. Give yourself a pat on the back... 🕺🎼do a little dance, 👏make a little love 💃 love yourself, love life 🥰 and celebrate yourself! 😎🥳🤩 You deserve nothing less than to see your greatness, feel it, and fully embody it - to unabashedly LIVE IT!

When we do this, when we see more and more of our own beauty, our mastery, and how truly evolutionary we have been as humans, everything seems possible. Everything is seen through a much broader perspective.

It's not just fluffy, it's not indulgent, it's masterful. It masterfully dissipates the ego's doubt and B.S. about anything less than your total ability as Creator to *POOF* transcend every struggle in your own unique way.

In turn, we also don't need to worry about other people in our lives that seem to be struggling. We see our own evolution and we know that anyone and everyone can and will move beyond anything and everything when they deeply choose it. We've all played the game of unconscious behavior!

How deeply have you chosen mastery? Well then, see yourSelf through the eyes of truth and L❤️VE! It's not to deny the areas we've acted less than masterly, it's to see it ALL and say hell yes, I was brave enough to face that - celebrating most especially the toughest parts because that's where we've evolved the most. That's where we have the deepest understanding and compassion for others. That's always where we are most surely never, ever going to give away our mastery again. The deepest struggles integrate with diamond strength for permanent change - never to be repeated.

I say it's very responsible and self loving to reflect on your mastery & remind yourself of all the wisdom you have right at your fingertips! And then, the self trust grows and grows, and ultimately you realize it's always been within you - there's no place like HOME! ❤️

If you'd like to mull over your awesomeness with like hearted masters, join our call in 2 days! Sometimes it's the stories of others that remind us of so many things we glazed over, not really reveling in the miracles and manifestations. The ego likes to sweep that stuff right under the rug and keep us small, surviving, and so often we take leaps and bounds and never really stop to feel the satisfaction of or inner-awesomeness.

You can select the monthly package or one call from my events page.

Everyday Life As Creator :

This space is all about celebration. We gather in presence and breathe ourselves wide open into the beautiful energies initiated and supported by St. Germain, Jesua and Mary Magdelene, and then simply allow our unique stories of wisdom, inspiration, and experience to spring forth. As we see through our Real-Eyes as Creator, the magnificence, perfection, and beauty in every experience is evident. You can't help but feel gratitude and awe for this amazing human life. If you are called to connect with everyday folks that have walked the wild and mysterious mastery path, join us for a bit of sharing, camaraderie, humor and celebration!

Image : Alan, Pixabay


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