embody your authentic self

You are an undefinable eternal presence ~ pure consciousness, passion, boundless radiance, joy, timelessness, and endlessly more.

You are a magnificent facet of Creator in a human experience.

Are you ready to go beyond judgment and separation into lightness, ease, joy, simplicity, and absolute freedom?

Feel into your heart, take a deep breath, & welcome all of yourself home.  


Here I am!

I have a professional photo that I almost posted here, but let's just be real!  This is the authentic me.
Yah, my hair's messy, and I've got big headphones on, but I feel joyful.  My True Self doesn't care much about outside appearances because it's all about what's inside that counts.  I'm especially joyful because I'm not trying to be anything for anyone.  I just AM.
Nothing in this whole world is worth sacrificing my joy, but it wasn't always that way.  Today, I often feel bliss for no other reason than being.  I feel my eternal bliss in a deep breath or a beautiful sunset.  If you want to know how I got here, and how I assist, click to read more.    

Embodiment sessions

It's more fun when we work together! 

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