Embody Your Light

You are the light of consciousness -  formless, timeless, nameless, boundless, whole


Take a deep breath


Feel your eternal presence

Your true essence is Love 


Private Sessions

I am here to assist anyone facing a conflict, struggle, or simply looking to speed up their own integration.  I provide intuitive and energetic support by connecting with your light realms (higher self).  I bring through tones, crystalline frequencies, and insight specifically tailored for you, to help gently dissolve old energies and patterns, bringing your clarity to the forefront.  I share practical tools for lasting alignment, and integration. 

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"I found Cathy’s session to be powerful, gentle and validating. From my perspective, she emanates an integrated, radiant presence that is supportive and safe. Through dialogue and sensing she attuned to the reason for the session and offered many practical tools I could take away. During the session, her radiance, wisdom and ‘team’ helped me clear, dissolve and release a lot. I highly recommend her." ~MS


"Cathy really hit the nail on the head in our clarity session, several actually. I was going through a shit ton of changes in my life and felt very scattered and confused… She supported me in coming deeper into myself, along with finding more clarity and peace with everything going on. Our call was an absolutely safe, nonjudgmental space where I could openly share myself and she delivered some very interesting insights that stayed with me long after the call. I was able to explore all my feelings deeper and with her help uncover some old patterns that simply had to come to awareness, in order for me to face them, and release them. The energy in the call was very potent and palpable, and it stayed with me for a few more days. I can’t recommend her sessions enough, I really wanted to write this review for those who have doubts about investing in a clarity session or two, and say that it’s truly worth it!" ~Aiya M. Rose.

Image by Alex Bertha

Savasana Series

Relax and let energy work for you

Disengage from your worldly identifications to let the old thoughts, beliefs, and energies flow out of your reality with ease and simplicity.  

Reclaim the energy you've given away to the outside world & embody more of your pure Source essence to rebalance your mind and body effortlessly.  


It's as simple as putting on headphones and getting comfy.

💙$5 per month (USD) for access to the full library of MP3s

💙New recordings added weekly


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S28 Welcome Home

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate these episodes and the ones previous. I have been listening to them daily and sometimes more than once.  I find there is so much “noise” that can separate me from my inner knowingness and then doubt creeps in. So these meditations help to break through this and those mind thoughts that I know are not the true me. I look forward to future episodes, and again, very much appreciate these."  ~KL

Everyday Life as Creator

If you are committed to living in alignment with your essence everyday, this may be the space for you!   ​

The path can feel bumpy, but with consistent support and community, it can be a really fun ride.  Jeshua, Magdalene and Germain and more are assisting with the energies for this special celebration of our everyday dance as Creator.

💎New theme every 2 months

💎Private FaceBook group

💎Channelled video specific to group/topic 

💎3 Live, interactive group calls 

💎2 mp3s (energetic journeys)

💎Max 10 participants

💎25% off sessions

♥️ Nov/Dec topic is relationships, $60 for 2 month adventure.  Sign up here anytime and let's celebrate the holiday season together!

Beach Party

Here I AM!  


I have a professional photo that I almost posted here, but let's just be real!  


This is the authentic me.
Yah, my hair's messy, and I've got big headphones on, but I feel joyful.

My True Self doesn't care much about outside appearances because it's all about what's inside that counts.  I'm especially joyful because I'm not trying to be anything for anyone.  I just AM.

Nothing in this whole world is worth sacrificing my joy, but it wasn't always that way.  Today, I often feel bliss for no other reason than being.


I feel my eternal nature in a deep breath or a beautiful sunset.  If you want to know a bit more about my journey into embodiment, click below!