Embody Your Light

You are the light of consciousness -  formless, timeless, nameless, boundless, whole


Take a deep breath


Feel your eternal presence

Your true essence is Love 


Private Sessions and Energy Work

I am here to assist anyone facing a conflict, struggle, or simply looking to speed up their own integration.  I provide intuitive and energetic support by connecting with your light realms (higher self).  I bring through tones, crystalline frequencies, and insight specifically tailored for you, to help gently dissolve old energies and patterns, bringing your clarity to the forefront.  I share practical tools for lasting alignment, and integration. 


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"I found Cathy’s session to be powerful, gentle and validating. From my perspective, she emanates an integrated, radiant presence that is supportive and safe. Through dialogue and sensing she attuned to the reason for the session and offered many practical tools I could take away. During the session, her radiance, wisdom and ‘team’ helped me clear, dissolve and release a lot. I highly recommend her." ~MS