Embody your light

You are the light of consciousness -  formless, timeless, nameless, boundless, whole


Take a deep breath


Feel your eternal presence

Your true essence is Love 

Are you ready to go beyond judgment into your true radiance?  


Private Sessions

Intuitive guidance and energy work to assist you with going beyond belief systems and dissolving the ego structures, reclaiming your soul facets and embodying more of your pure Source consciousness, and letting that true essence of love and benevolence be the guiding force for your life.   Visit the sessions page for more details

"Thanks for your honest observations of the places I still hold attachments and judgment.  Lots of clarity was gained.  There was so much beauty and release in it all.  This next week will be all about getting started on the next stage of life!  Big Hugs to you."  ~NH

Image by Alex Bertha

Savasana Series

Relax and let energy work for you

Disengage from your worldly identifications to let the old thoughts, beliefs, and energies flow out of your reality with ease and simplicity.  

Reclaim the energy you've given away to the outside world & embody more of your pure Source essence to rebalance your mind and body effortlessly.  


It's as simple as putting on headphones and getting comfy.

💙$5 per month (USD) for access to the full library of MP3s

💙Download mp3's during month published, stream anytime

💙2 new recordings added weekly



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"I want to let you know how much I appreciate these episodes and the ones previous. I have been listening to them daily and sometimes more than once.  I find there is so much “noise” that can separate me from my inner knowingness and then doubt creeps in. So these meditations help to break through this and those mind thoughts that I know are not the true me. I look forward to future episodes, and again, very much appreciate these."  ~KL

Everyday Life as Creator

If you are committed to living in alignment with your essence everyday, this may be the space for you!   ​

The path can feel bumpy, but with consistent support and community, it can be a really fun ride.  Jeshua, Magdalene and Germain are assisting with the energies for this special celebration of our everyday dance as Creator.

💎2 month program (new topic every 2 months)

💎Private FB Group

💎monthly channeled videos, 1 hour each 

💎monthly group Zoom, 2 hour

💎monthly mp3 guided relaxation

💎Max 10 participants

💎25% off sessions 30 min or longer

♥️1/2 price for our FIRST program!  Nov/Dec topic is relationships, $30/month.  Sign up here and let's celebrate the holiday season together!

Beach Party

Here I AM!  

I have a professional photo that I almost posted here, but let's just be real!  


This is the authentic me.
Yah, my hair's messy, and I've got big headphones on, but I feel joyful.

My True Self doesn't care much about outside appearances because it's all about what's inside that counts.  I'm especially joyful because I'm not trying to be anything for anyone.  I just AM.

Nothing in this whole world is worth sacrificing my joy, but it wasn't always that way.  Today, I often feel bliss for no other reason than being.


I feel my eternal bliss in a deep breath or a beautiful sunset.  If you want to know a bit more about my journey into embodiment, click below!