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This workshop was held and recorded over 3 weeks, so please listen and allow integration time between each recording.   It contains over 5.5 hours of audio and video with a live, interactive group of participants bringing everyday questions and situations to make this very practical.  


Week 1 - Getting Clear on what is YOU and what is not:

Accepting who you are - that benevolent, eternal presence beyond judgment, rules, boxes, beliefs.  Isness or unconditional love. Going way beyond defenses, protection, struggle, and other survival control tactics that have been conditioned, as well as the externalized victim energies associated with neediness, blame, power, etc.  What is currently keeping you from being YOU?  


Week 2 - How to interact as this presence and clarity of YOU:

How to make the leap into embodying this state of consciousness, being YOU 24/7, within yourself, within personal relationships, and within the world.  Becoming and staying integrated within your clarity of what is your true essence regardless of the projections or reactions of your mind, or of others.  What would you like to leap into? 


Week 3 - Growing into more of YOU:

Becoming more and more comfortable expressing as your true Self, to stand out from the social conditioned ways of living, and continuing to expand into new ways of enjoyment, lightness, ease and the constant knowing and feeling that All is Well and enjoying life 24/7.  What if this is just the very beginning? 


Compassion for self and others allows us to accept what is, while also stepping into more and more awareness, clarity and enjoyment.  It is not sympathy, nor pity, but understanding how the perceived struggles assist us to expand beyond duality and separation.  It’s the essence of your eternal Self - that unconditional love, perfection, and greatness as Creator, and it encompasses all of human life.  Compassion is neutral to the duality and yet it gives you the ability to be true to yourself, to be honest within and without.  As we integrate all the split selves, compassion becomes one and the same for self and others, as well as the outside world, but still… this is your life, your body, your energy.  You are first and foremost responsible to be compassionate with yourself, even in the face of old systems and social conditioning projected all around you that you surely don’t fit into anymore.  


The biggest gift you can give yourself is using any reactivity - any absence of compassion you feel within you - to reclaim all the parts that split off in trauma and drama, and as you become re-embodied, you feel how your are whole, complete, and content within your own being.  You feel at peace, even joyful, regardless of other people or the world at large.  


You will receive an email with 3 links upon purchase, one link for each event.

Everyday Mastery Workshop - Compassion

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