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Our full-on free expression has been inhibited by fears of the past conditioning, but as the old energy dissolves, we keep stepping into more and more free expression from the heart, from our true essence, which only results in more love, more abundance of money, relationships, opportunities, and whatever our heart enjoys!  


As we do this together, it is an example of how you can connect with the whole of yourself, relax into life, and let the energies come in to support you in each and every moment.  


We disconnect from the energy cords of past, future, and elsewhere, and let the body and mind reharmonize.  Then, we bring forth clearer information and inspiration to help you move forward with clarity and lightness.   Many ascended masters visit our events, as they are always working with you, side by side.  They are always extremely delighted to be invited to help move energy with you and to simply embrace you and remind you how loved and supported you are every step of the way.  Namaste


When you order this product you will receive an email with a link to the file containing both a video and audio recording.  Enjoy!  


Live event Nov 13, 2023.  

Breathe Feel - Abundance & Free Expression

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