LOVE event with Alexis Srsa (Feb 2021) Going beyond duality to live as our true essence


I share free videos that arise joyfully from the passion of my eternal essence.  This allows me to further integrate the expression of my timeless self through the physical vessel and world, and provides an energetic trail sometimes referred to as encodements of consciousness.  The transmission of these codes create on opportunity for others to more easily recognize and step into their own unique and authentic expression.  Don't just listen with your ears, breath and feel through your heart and body! 

**Videos are posted on YouTube & Facebook - scroll down to YouTube or FaceBook links for more!


I've personally experienced unimaginable transformations with guided, full body relaxations.  That’s why I create audios that help you disengage from the mind, sink all of your awareness into the body, and enter a space for hyper-rejuvenation.  Energy naturally seeks to realign itself when we release control, so your job is to relax deeply.  We tend to work our way into illness and distress, when we really would benefit from enjoying life and relaxing more.  How cool is that!?  Audios include theta music and pure crystalline frequencies for added support in the purification, realignment and restabilization of your energy systems, and more.  For best results, stay well hydrated, wear headphones and get into a very comfortable lying position in a quiet, calm, safe space.  

**Audios are being recorded and edited for release in 2021!