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Walk Your Walk

Let it flow, let it flow, let if flow….

You have such a unique expression, such a unique way of seeing life, of contributing to the whole of creation. How free are you to express without filters, without limits, without trying to be something else - something other than what flows naturally?

Expressing in all ways is the ultimate satisfaction of a rich life, an abundant life, truly an abundance of you throughout every part of your life, which does, in turn, bring an abundance in relationships, money, experiences, or whatever it is that is meant to flow to you naturally as you let yourself flow naturally. The giving and receiving become one fluid dance of wide open expression.

Many of us have been on some path of religion or spirituality. It is a blessing to jump in and contemplate what is our truest expression - that absence of judgment, many of us call it LOVE, spaciousness or beingness and choosing the connection to our essence that brings joy from the inside out.

Unfortunately, we often get a little stuck here in trying to be something other than what flows naturally. Seeing someone as a standard is beautiful, as it reminds us of who we truly are and what we can aspire to embody in our own way, but at some point we outgrow groups, leaders, teachers, etc., and feel completely whole within our own knowingness. Comparing ourselves to others, be it the “saints” or the “successful” in our eyes becomes less and less helpful and begins to limit our expression as our own essence desires to burst into it’s own unique form.

We’ve read, seen, heard all the things we’re supposed to be, or even examples of others’ lives that we’ve mimicked to some extent in our own heartfelt search to remember and rediscover our true nature. Trying on these different shoes, different hairdo’s, different dances really helps us discover things we’ve buried and hidden about our own nature. As we let others guide us and steer us back to ourselves, how fun it is to admire and celebrate each other, to see the beauty in them, and to enjoy humanity all throughout this lifetime.

However, the best and most fun part is when we can toss all the others’ costumes and sign posts into the trash, light them on fire, and set ourselves free to explore a brand NEW character - one that is being born in every breath of self trust, in every action, and in every interaction! This character is of our own divine design, beyond the mind's agendas or perception of control (I say "perception of" because it truly has none in the end - only a temporary feeling of being in control). This character, I'll call the real YOU in human form, is free to act in new ways, in unconventional ways, in audaciously creative ways! It is like a child evolving before our eyes, except we’re not imposting beliefs, control, conditioning, or fear - we’re encouraging going beyond boundaries into what feels like reckless abandon at times.

In fact, the unique expression of YOU - he/she doesn’t give one single FFFFear about what anyone thinks about his/her expression! If someone doesn’t agree with it - GREAT! Because now, you are not confined to playing a role for the old relationships, groups, places & people that you were once letting define your success or worth. You’re wide open to connect with everyone and anyone that is called to your true expression! If more and more of your uniqueness pushes some people away, GREAT - it’s just not meant to be at this moment - perhaps they come around later - perhaps not. This makes room for people that like the real you. Some will find this wildly attractive and some….. well…. some people with be triggered with their own fears. It especially may bother folks who do not allow themselves to live life to the fullest beyond fears and controls, I guarantee that! They will feel their own internal confinement even more in your presence which is quite uncomfortable. But, the ones who are feeling the nudge from their true self to explore more of life, the ones who are yearning to open up, radiate and live life more fully, they will be drawn to you more than ever.

If you’ve been immersed in any form of Self Exploration, be it spiritual, religious, self improvement, self allowing, etc., perhaps you notice you’re limiting your expression a bit? Perhaps you are trying to talk, act, or create like this person or that person, follow some doctrine, or even stay in the confines of approval from your family, friends, society, spiritual group, etc.


Remembering your true essence and becoming more and more of yourself in the world is truly, most especially all about letting yourself flow, express, create, move, explore, and becoming okay with all of YOU. At times, we watch expressions come out of our bodies that seem a little bit judgy, harsh, old patterns, old reactions, old emotions, etc. We watch aspects, perhaps from childhood or adolescence come to the forefront and speak despite our attempts to be “beyond that”. So, what do we do with that???

“Oh, lookie there! That’s okay. That was learned behavior, it was embodied and I found it useful at one point, but now I see it, and as I allow it to flow without judgment, it’s dissolving into ME (my presence). I sure as heck am not going to judge my younger self and my past expressions. I’m definitely not going to shut down, close down, go into fear, go into self doubt, limit my enjoyment, diminish my physical health, and I certainly am not going to limit the richness of experiencing life to the fullest! Let’s take a deep breath, smile, and move along!”

This is what I call unconditional love, for all parts of you. Not trying to censor, compare, compete, or most certainly not buying into any B.S. (ummmm….. that’s a belief system) about how you are supposed to act! You certainly are wise enough not to be be cruel or abusive to anyone because you are way too conscious for that.

Some folks sit for endless time immersed in silence. They may have a hard time immersing into a bustling life with people all around, noises, smells, and a lot of physical activity, and that’s okay.

Some folks find their connection to Self with constant movement and prefer life to be a living, moving meditation, filled with nearly constant physical interaction as their self awareness grows naturally, and that’s okay.

Some find their inner heaven in nature, others find it in the office. Some sit in presence, others allow a constant stream of Universal data and information to flow out of their lips or fingertips. Most of us who have embraced our multidimensional nature, enjoy all of it to a great extent! None is better, none is more divine. What definitely IS most divine, is that you allow all that truly calls to you without trying to control or restrict yourself, and without attempting to fit into any manmade B.S.

You have such a unique expression, such a unique way of seeing life, such a unique way of enjoying life, such a unique way of contributing to the whole of creation. There is absolutely no one like you in all of creation, the universe, or the multiverse. Your uniqueness is really important. It’s beyond sacred. It’s your divinity. There is no one else that can express and do what it is you do, even if that is simply, quietly shining your light - the encodements of light that you are contributing to the planet - because that’s what you feel called deeply to do.

The biggest gift comes in self trust and your uninhibited expression, whatever it is. This is your life, so it would be flat out silly to allow anyone or anything else to affect your total, complete and utter radiance, your enjoyment. Let yourself shine unapologetically as a gift for you and for ALL! Walk your walk. Namaste

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