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Step into the Unknown

Hi friends,

It has been a heck of a big energy week here with the physical body releasing density quite viscerally, old energies dying off and the intensity of melding into another upshift of high frequencies… melding with more of me… so… hmmm 🤔 what dies off in the outside world next? What of new outcomes and creations comes after this wave of unwriting and rewriting?

Oh well, I must only keep putting one foot in front of the other to find out, and be willing to face it all, to feel it all. Eventually you can’t stop… you just keep rolling.

Old shut down mechanisms, avoidance tactics and hiding spots become disassembled. When you try to access them they don’t even work! You are carried through it all, eyes wide open, senses fully alive.

Letting go of the old while moving forward without using the fear tactics - control, power, projections, defenses - flowing into the mystery with trust, wide open, it feels uncomfortable, but that’s a mind projection, it’s not you.

Take a breath and release the notion of struggle and discomfort. Let yourself lose control.

You, the real you, is estatic and loving it all, no discomfort, no resistance, no problem whatsoever. The real you is orchestrating this whole play, the mind never really had control over life - just a temporary belief of it and fake feeling of security.

Perception. It’s just the mind filter, the lens you are experiencing through, and you’re adjusting your sights continuously, from fear and limitation - to love and more clarity.

What if intense physical or emotional “discomfort” was received as pleasure? We programmed the mind and we can rewrite it. What if the intense sensations were akin to to a slice of lemon on the tongue! What if the feeling of fear were embraced with “OOOH I feel so alive!” I have spoken with some who worry about not transcending the density in this life and automatically reincarnating here again. Rather than fight this mind game and give it power, what if we embrace this potential “Ooooh! How exciting it would be to incarnate into a lighter planet in a whole new era!”.

We transcend resistance with total acceptance - yet such a paradox - we also transcend what was resisted as we go beyond identification and attachment to outcomes. We let go of everything to explore. And then… miracle moments just happen without the human will involved! Life is surely a mystery we can’t ever solidly pin down or define! Whatever you think you know will change.

Fire walkers traverse hot coals with zero burn. People with multiple personality disorders can have drastic physiological changes when switching personalities. Diabetes, high blood pressure, physical disabilities and disease that come and go in mere minutes beyond what science deemed possible. Clearly your mind can completely change your biology and your experience of life. You choose what thoughts and beliefs to empower. Your reality is malleable and you are the artist.

Don’t believe anything your mind says - it’s just a bunch of programs. Challenge all of the perceptions that result in suffering. Choose your deep wisdom, what feels like love. Honor yourself. Keep putting one foot in front of the other… and breathe.. ♥️

A friend posted today this quote from beloved Osho ~


"Continue your search until you become a master yourself.

A Master keeps on creating other Masters. First it teaches you to let go, so that all that is fake disappears. Once the fake is gone, it still tells you to let go.

And you need to go very deep with experimentation, because only through it you can experience.

Growth happens through sacrifice. You need to gamble everything you got.

Growth is a gamble, it's a risk. You have to be open, you have to be willing to lose yourself, you don't have to spare anything. Taking the Sannyas means that now you make a commitment, you get involved, that now, with me, is not about philosophy.

Are you ready to step on the game, face the danger, step into the unknown, into the uncertain. All it takes is making a commitment, getting involved. It's necessary that you don't stay away from saving yourself, but make a few attempts. "


image from Pixabay


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