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Sounds, Hums, and Good Vibrations

Sometimes I find myself really enjoying everyday sounds.

It’s pretty common when we’re in nature to feel joy and gratitude with sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling, and crickets a-buzz.

Especially in winter as nature gets quiet, I find myself enjoying the hummmmm of the refrigerator, planes flying overhead, the whooosh of traffic just beyond my patio door.

I always loved the sound of the dishwasher, swoosh swoosh swoosh…. & the dryer, clunk clink clunk… The safe sounds of a cozy home.

What I find really special is the sound of silence in between, throughout, and beyond these surface noises.

It is in this depth of listening that I hear the frequencies in my ears 🎶🧏‍♀️ gently changing, shifting, chiming, buzzing, jingling.

The frequencies of me, the Universal Orchestra I AM…

I Am not just heard as a sound with the body’s ears, but I Am also simultaneously felt vibrating through the cells of the body. Sound and vibration as One.

I also feel myself vibrate through the body and beyond, radiating through the physical world 🌎 as it all melds into ONE.

Of course, my body isn’t the world and the world isn’t my body, but my true essence knows no bounds within either.

The more you relax into your body, the more you relax into the world, the more you open beyond any perceptions of fear, protection, and separation, the more you open to the Source of YOU!

Listen & Enjoy opening to, with, of and as… more of YOU!


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