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Shining on the Daily

As winter rolls in, the skies often fade to a nearly colorless gray slate that mirrors the ground​, and it sure looks a little dull compared to the blue skies and greener landscapes of summer, but... we can always shine from the inside out. In doing so, we need nothing ​from the outside ​to shine ​on​ us!​ With the light shining from within, we are content with gray skies and can enjoy the warm sun on our skin even more as an added bonus to our inner enjoyment.

Shining on the daily, being true to yourSelf, allowing your expression, choosing what calls to your heart, being authentic, walking your walk, being fully honest… it is so fulfilling, but it all comes down to one very important question:

Do you want Any Thing from Any One? Approval, Appreciation, LOVE, Acceptance, Money, Physical Help, Companionship, Admiration, Reassurance, etc.

How solid, how stable, how content, how accepted and embraced would you feel if you chose to be YOU to your fullest of potential, if you relinquished external seeking and embodied YOU to the fullest? What would that feel like?

Try this on for size - Can you speak the following words and really mean it and really feel it?

“I don’t want anyone’s approval, I don’t want you to like what I do or how I do it - how I work, parent, create, walk, talk, eat, move, laugh, live, the words I use, the choices I make, the expression I am. I don’t want your blessings, I don’t want your love, I don’t want your support”. Now, I know this sounds extreme, but we aren't rejecting approval, we're being very direct and clear to identify where we've been letting external seeking run our lives and dull our shine. Maybe you want to re-read that statement and add a few particulars for yourself?

Next, go through the list of anyone and everyone in your life, alive or deceased, and release them “I don’t want your approval, blessings, support, love, etc”. You can even do this with nature, angelic support, pets, etc., setting yourself and others free to shine authentically rather than feeling obligated to acquiesce to your wants and needs. You may be surprised where you’ve been giving your power away.

Let’s not pretend it’s quick and easy to go from where we started, from using the outside world as a gauge for who we are, our worthiness, our lovability, and our means of feeling safe and whole. We learned to constantly adjust our shine to get what we “want” from others. We were always hoping that if we behave a certain way, someone will give us what we want, shine on us, & grace us with their love.

But you see, this is a means of seeking, a neediness rather than a givingness. Seeking begets more seeking and it never ends because you will never get enough light from the outside. The void can only be filled with you. When you radiate from the heart, in givingness for the natural joy of it, the giving and receiving become one. Your light, your love, your consciousness, All That IS, it completely fulfills you.

From this freedom, this independence, you can radiate your love, BE yourSelf, shine your light. You can create and share and act and do from the passion of your presence, without all the mental activity in the background of “what does this person think, did I say something wrong, did I do something wrong, did I do enough, did I do too much, are they wanting this or that, am I too caring or too detached, does a Master act like this or like that, yada yada”. It is all made up nonsense that will drive you mad. The mind has an impressive ability to calculate potential discord, but the purpose for this is to have you to adjust your dial and apply filters on top of your natural expression, all to fit others’ beliefs, judgments, and wants... ironically, due to your own created beliefs, judgments, and wants. What a mess! It becomes a repetitive, cyclical cycle where the wants are interwoven between two beings so closely that truly no one is at fault - it takes two to tango! No wonder relationships can all so easily become convoluted and confusing! Ahhhhhhh, big inhale - that's where we take a big breath of ourSelf, we feel our presence, and remember, I JUST AM.

And another deep breath in full presence - always the first step.... ahhhhh....

Ultimately, no judgment or belief is true. It is all man made. It’s all invented and subjective, even relative to each unique journeyer & every individual experience. No judgment, no belief is ultimate truth.... period.

Not true, not true, not true.

And then, from nothingness, from clarity, from translucency, choose what is true for you!

We go fully beyond judging ourselves and the world. We also go fully beyond buying into the judgments projected onto us from others! “Cathy, you’re the worst”. Nah, no I’m not. “Oh, Cathy you're the best”. Nah, no I’m not. Thanks for shining your light on me though! None of it is true. At the core of every expression is only pure consciousness, pure light, so thanks for the love! None of the projected opinions are any longer considered, contemplated, and they are most definitely not believed!

Without giving any power to judgment, we just choose what works for us and let others feel how they feel. Someone has an opinion - great, whatever!

Even beyond the great, whatever! Beyond the neutrality of non-judgment, we may find ourselves naturally choosing to do everything with love! Wowww!

With no credence given to opinions, when we can disregard the opinions others project at us, negative or positive, we can feel the benevolent love of Creator with, through, and within them regardless of behaviors. Quite often, “negative” comments or criticism are well intended to help us, while sometimes they're intended to erode our ego and make us feel smaller (great, whatever!). The criticism intended to help is just coming from a limited, taught perception of love. We’ve all been taught to love one another in strange, unusual, sometimes overpowering ways, but that's par for the course here. The criticism intended to make us feel smaller is just an energetic manipulation tactic used by someone feeling deeply small within themselves, someone who's inner light hasn't illuminated all the fears and withdrawn parts and pieces, so they feel a little bigger if they can make you feel a little smaller. Great, whatever! You can always wish them the best and move along with a shrug. Once again, giving no credence, no energy, no further empowerment to such things.

When were not judging others, nor ourselves… when we’re not trying to act a certain way, hoping someone else will shine their light upon us, and when we’re not reacting to the words and behaviors of others… Hold onto your hats! Now the big gifts really start rolling in! 🎁

When people offer words or acts of kindness, support, love etc. you can accept and enjoy them with elation, celebration, and gratitude of the heart. It doesn't even really matter if they're being genuine or not, and that is a humorous benefit!

Not "wanting" something does not mean rejecting it, nor does it mean you don't enjoy something, it’s actually the opposite. Wanting nothing allows us to receive more fully because there’s not all this judgment with the mind calculating “are they sincere, why did they say thanks this time but not last time, if I fully receive this compliment they’ll expect me to keep acting this way or keep doing this thing, etc. etc.”

Let’s honor the old energy dynamic for a moment. It was a give and take born of lack, rather than our true essence as Creator expressing freely with endless light, endless love, endless abundance, endless energy. The old patterns run deep and require a lot of awareness to continuously supersede.

When you’re done with duality, give and take is over. You express and receive. You go beyond giving a hoot about what others think of you and enjoy yourself and others more than ever. With zero credence given to other peoples’ opinions, wants or projections, you are FREE to be you. You are free to express and free to receive, for there are no rules, no guidelines, no fear of rejection, ridicule, blame, loss, attachment, neediness, etc. You are wide open to receive love, embracement, support and more - from yourSelf and others! The love comes from every angle, isn’t that amazing?

You could say everything we’ve ever sought externally is some form of LOVE, in the perceivable separation or absence of love from our Eternal Essence, God, Creator. It's kinda like the saying “bad attention is better than no attention”. Sometimes people shine their light into others' eyes to purposely get an anger or fear reaction because the reaction, even if it seems "dark" it is still only pure love at the core, the light of pure consciousness, but they have just gotten into the unconscious pattern of seeking love in this particular way.

Now that you don’t “want” love, now that you don’t “need” love, and now without all the attachments, neediness, high hopes, expectations, worries, insecurities, etc. in your way, you can just enjoy LOVE in all its forms - whether a smile from a stranger or a big hug from a friend. The love that comes our way is like an unexpected, extravagant gift. It’s always a surprise because you aren’t trying to get it, you aren’t working for it, and you certainly don’t need it.

You “want” no love because you're so fulfilled by your own expression, your own presence, your own radiance, that you simply don’t require it. But…. You LOVE to express and receive it! It comes as a huge birthday surprise, a WoWWW, and it just shows up again and again in new and surprising ways from the core of your being, from the inside out, as you joyfully express and the world shines back at you.

Let your light shine on the daily for true, everlasting fulfillment. Namaste ✨


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