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Seeing Beauty in Everything

An immense shift in energy, in consciousness.  

When you see beauty in everything, life becomes constant joy.  Ordinary becomes adventure.  

When you see beauty in others, they suddenly see immense beauty in you.

Judging others or the world is a mode of self punishment, self sacrifice by restricting yourself from embracing life.  It is refusing to let yourself love and be loved.  Do you know you fully deserve love, lightheartedness and joy each and every day?   You can easily become this and the giving and receiving of this love becomes one & the same.  

The ego has loads of stories:  'Don't get too happy, it won't last.  Stay serious enough to protect yourself.  Grumpy people will hate on you.  Happy people are naive.  Remember when you were struggling, sad, angry, rude, etc?  What will others think of you if you're suddenly happy - a fake!  You should be thinking about the future, money, how you can do better, be better, fix something cuz both You and the World is seriously messed up! ... yada yada'  

There's no end to this story.  The old protectors of survival will pull every trick in the book to keep you safely in a lower vibration because when you expand beyond them, they're no longer in charge of you.  They're emotional constructs built upon fear and only you can feed them or starve them of your (Source) energy. The more you expand, the more they lose their grip on your thoughts and actions.

Eventually they dissolve away completely if you'll let yourself be love and be loved.

This consciousness of seeing problems everywhere is a never ending story of fixing.  No final resolution will ever be reached. There will always be the next imperfection & you will never fully rest and merge into your body.  In this way, you can never just be fully content and joyful NOW.  

This doesn't mean you ignore true problems, it actually means you discern and prioritize what genuinely deserves your action.

Taking responsibility for your life starts on the inside with the thoughts you empower and the perspectives you choose.  From this space, you can use the mind as your tool and take action from your embodied wisdom and 24/7 access to Source Consciousness - which houses the wisdom of All That Is, not just your personal experiences.  You become a live streaming, clear conduit of Universal Wisdom without judgment but with the total ability to address people and situations as your naturally direct, honest, & compassionate Self.  

You, as your Embodied Self, well...... to put it quite simply... you no longer allow bull$hit in your life to go unchecked.  If people choose to treat you with less than love, you fully love and accept them where they're at.  Yet, you have no problem addressing unloving behavior "Why would you act this way?  I always treat you with respect.  I don't appreciate this so let me know how we can resolve it together and enjoy one another".  You are now in a harmonious flow of total honesty without emotional, judgmental overalays that create drama inside your body/mind/aura, and without the drama that had been naturally reflected in your outside world.  

At times you may even feel called to spend time away from others that insist on projecting drama, fear, and problem laden stories.  You could walk away, or even offer to assist them into a more joyful way of living and connecting with others.  

Most likely, if you explain that you aren't interested in wallowing negativity 24/7, they'll walk away on their own, adding you to their list of "what's wrong with people and the world".  Since you're not judging them, but seeing much beauty within them regardless of this little ego blip, they'll likely come back around.  I guarantee, if they do, they'll be more conscious of the energy they are carrying within themselves and bringing to your front door.  Being honest about this, although not always warmly received, can be a gift for both of you.  They might show up next time with a smile instead of a bag of emotional trash to dump on you.  

A life without drama is incredibly beautiful & filled with love.    

One way to see the beauty in everything & the most potent form of love you can give another is to see them as you see yourself: Seeing, feeling, and sensing beyond the form into the pure consciousness, pure light, pure love at their core. Absolutely eternally perfect.

Seeing Beauty in Everything is a sure way to shift easily, simply, and immensely and quite awesomely, it takes no work whatsoever.  

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Seeing Beauty In Everything

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Image: Pixabay Erik_Karits

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