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Nurturing New Growth With A Soft and Loving Touch

Death and rebirth cycles are a continual part of the human experience and the rhythmic ebb and flow of our life dance. As we delve deeper into ourselves, into presence, beyond thinking, we illuminate places and spaces that have been compartmentalized away, seemingly separate from the light of awareness. These internal caverns allowed us to hide the things we weren’t comfortable with, weren’t ready to address, or blatantly judged. In judgment, we perceived parts of ourselves as dark, dirty, unworthy, shameful, unlovable or weak, not realizing that the core of it all is simply light, simply consciousness, and not realizing that everything created has a purpose and beauty unto itself. Again, everything ever, ever created, has a purpose and beauty unto itself.

In a reality ruled by power and greed, we tucked our deepest fears away so we could feel and appear strong, capable, and even formidable. Our deepest fears may have been considered a weakness or a defect. Allowing fear to arise, seeing beyond it, and feeling it fully without judgment or reaction was not acceptable because it would eliminate the fight & flight that supported our ability to play in the act of survival. Fear was a gift and an exciting adventure to be enjoyed (or despised), until one day that internal bell of awakening rang through our consciousness, through every dimension, every aspect, every identity, and we had a strangely familiar feeling, a slight but deep remembrance of our true, eternal beingness. From our awakened state, fear lost it's luster, because we remembered coming to earth was largely in part to experience this intangible thing called Love.

We began to transcend the fear facades and found our true strength and our eternal power in honesty, transparency, love, and the courage to hide nothing from ourselves or others. In the total absence of judgment, what could we possibly have to hide? We let go of the fictional, external identities, and allowed the dark recesses within to ignite and expand, welcoming all of ourselves home - every part, every piece - completely, unequivocally embraced and accepted in the absolute here and now. How amazing does it feel to be completely loved and embraced, exactly as is?

It can feel incredibly uncomfortable to remain present and in your body when the petrified parts of you begin to wake up. The light of your consciousness, and the energy of the world may feel shocking and intense through the cycles of rebirth. It is so totally simple to remain in awareness, feeling your presence through the body, letting fear dissolve as parts of you reawaken. Still, it is enticing to run away from the discomfort and go into thinking, analyzing, suppressing, judging, or distracting yourself. The deepest shifts require devotion, patience, compassion, and understanding. Even distractions can be granted to oneself with love and compassion to nurture the process unfolding with more ease and enjoyment.

Much like the lotus seed, which is on record for germinating after 14 centuries of dormancy, the parts of you that have been long asleep are bound to awaken into full bloom and beauty. If you ever doubt your ability to open back up to the light, just know that it is inevitable and it is happening naturally. Allow the seeds to break ground without attempting to control the pace, shape, color, and overall expression. If you started fresh indoor seedlings and shoved them directly outside too early, in one fell swoop, you’d find them damaged, wilted, burnt, and dead! Let the tender parts of you open back up to the world bit by bit. What on earth could be more important than nurturing every part and piece of you? When you allow yourself to emerge as slowly, and gently as feels internally perfect, you feel yourself synchronizing harmoniously with the pace of creation. You feel your connection to All That Is, with nothing outside of yourself to fight. You feel that you are life itself, creation embodied, flowing like a school of fish. You have no hurries, and no worries, for the enjoyment is the flow and feel of life itself. As you foster this type of lovingness within, you automatically have such a supportive, gentle, easy, and compassionate approach with others.

In a world filled with anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, you get to be the source of love and joy, and it starts inside! The first person that really benefits from the gift of nurturing is you! The most magnificent bloom in all of creation is in your heart. It opens and flowers over and over again, in a never-ending, expanding, evolving, unique experience of bliss, and joy, and love, and freedom, and so sooo much more we get to explore. Wishing you a soft and delightful spring.... into loving the gift of new life more than ever. Namaste!


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