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Moving Through Earth’s Storms

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Storms of various types will always come and go. This morning’s dream was about the collective energies.  The sky was blue and suddenly clouds rolled in so fast I was hurrying to shut windows because I knew it was gonna be quite a rainy, stormy fury!  Luckily now, I didn’t feel any reaction to it, any panic or concern, and that’s a new normal I celebrate often.  It’s been extra sweet to let the energy waves roll through and I’m extra, extra grateful for this because I remember how it was quite tough to deal with…. not so long ago!  
Wherever we’re still holding blocks in our bodies, the energies around us can be quite easily mistaken for our own.  They trigger similar embodied frequencies and then we feel it in our body and the mind reacts & we might go on that mental joyride if we’re not paying attention, taking ultimate care of ourselves in presence. 
When we consciously BREATHE, FEEL, and let sensations and stories move through in awareness, our body is getting clearer and lighter, where we feel more expansive and energized in a more relaxed way.  We are our own best energy worker, real time, all the time!  
If instead, if we accidentally get caught up in the emotion, if we go into the head, identify with the energies of future, survival, fear, anger, etc., create thought streams, feed the emotions….  Well then… very honestly, we are just creating even more emotional density.  We are stuffing more energy blocks into our beautiful bodies that weigh us down, detracting from our health and happiness.  We all deserve a healthy and happy life and this right here is what we CAN control when the outside world is madly in flux…. which is basically always, and always will be to some extent, in my lifetime.  
As of late, and as a result of these heightened energy waves, I have felt the need to move, move, move.  For many years I would relax and expand into my nothingness place quite often to clear out energetically, to disidentify with this world, to allow all the energies to clear and realign for me, all with ultimate and unbelievable ease.  I still do this, but it’s become less required or desired.  Thankfully and excitingly that means more engaging in physical life.  I continuously feel more clear and light when out in crowds or denser areas on the planet.  The energy sensitivity we’ve all felt evolves in beautiful ways to where you’re eventually mostly feeling your own radiance and the rest is perceived off in the distance.  
With this expansion, the body needs movement and expression to catch up physically and reflect my energy.  This is unique for us all, but certainly has involved a lot of clear communication and facing fears head on for me.  The removal of adhesions in the connective tissue has been really noticeable at times.  I may move a lot to help break up heaviness, thickness, walls, blocks, and open constricted and compacted areas in the body, all in order for the body to realign itself properly and be a clear portal for energy to flow.  These are great reasons to sing, dance and play a lot!  It’s funny how we take down the energy walls and barriers from our heart and our ethereal being, and then the body does the same, but it needs a little support with various physical approaches through movement.  And as a reminder, breath and sound are forms of physical movement too!
Beyond hours of walking, daily stretching has taken on a whole new meaning.  The body knows exactly how, where, and when to move and stretch when I give it the opportunity.  The challenge at times comes from old survival patterns - “I don’t feel like it, it’s cold outside, I have work to do, why is the body moving this way?, shouldn’t we be doing it this other way?, this isn’t helping, etc.”.  
Clarity on what is YOU is so important - following your feelings often means following your emotions, so we feel beyond the density into the wisdom and knowing of our essence. When that whiny stick-in-the-mud aspect of mine comes forth, I mostly tell it “well you might not want to, but I really do want to do_____.  I really want to live my life to the fullest and feel my best, I really enjoy this, so… that’s what I’m gonna do!”.  
I like to make it clear through my mind, body and aura that I am choosing fully so there’s no confusion, no question in my energy.  I’m basically discrediting the subconscious layers so they’re not able to creep doubt into the mind, they’re not able to create an energy split within me, they not able to polarize me, and now I’m single minded, clear and confident.  I’m wholly in my creation.  
The natural and sometimes strange movements from the body can be seen in the animal world with big stretches, shaking, muscle contractions, etc. as they release energy and allow the body to realign.  With the mind out of the way, and without control, the body actually just continuously clears and realigns itself… it’s in a constant state of rejuvenating.  It’s naturally built to evolve and live in harmony with everything here… How cool is that? 
For years I wondered about doing these weird stretches or moves in yoga classes.   I was unknowingly, intuitively connecting whole body, engaging fascia head to toe, feeling through all the physical layers, releasing tension connected through the spine, joints, and bones, rewriting the neural pathways, removing deep patterns, and merging my Source Self through - beyond the predispositions of a soul journeyer - aka, beyond ancestral, genetic and karmic patterning.  It certainly started for me with breath, presence, and systematic relaxation, which is why I create audios and videos to help dissolve the crusty old fear patterns, so people can do this as easily and comfortably as I did!  But it all most go through the physical with expression as well if you’re to fully move into and through the body as one wholly connected unit.  
As for rebuilding your body, someone can lead you into the movements connecting breath, body, awareness, but it’s not needed because it all comes back to your omnipotent, divine intelligence.  A teacher can guide you into what to feel for, ways to realign the body consciously by engaging this and releasing that, and by balancing this and that.  Yoga has been my main portal to this for nearly 3 decades and I love it.  However, beyond that, the eternal transformation happens when you can let your essence and body teach, guide and move for you!  The more embodied I become, the more I find myself randomly rolling around with weird stretches, using the walls, doorway, counter tops, chair- whatever to just squeeze into that part of the body that feel it.  The body contracts specifically muscles, releasing build up, making weird faces or movements.
Everything we do with embodiment such as presence, breath, clarity, feeling, sensing, it all takes us beyond the mind and clears the old patterns, beliefs, identities, energies, etc.  As YOU are now in the drivers seat rather than a bunch of autopilot conditioning, you are melded with the pure conscience of the body itself.  Your essence literally begins to move with, of, and as the body - imagine a light body in form, while the mind takes a backseat.  It is truly a melding of essence and body into the expression of movement.  The body naturally realigns for you, clears for you, detoxes for you, rebuilds muscles for you, and sooooo much more.  It mainly requires a good amount of presence, trust, surrender and yet, in action.  
After several years of teaching yoga, I stopped making class plans & I let the body guide me from the inside out.  I should mention here that it’s 1000% more fun and enjoyable than trying to follow a mental script!  Initially, the mind was worried  “what if we forget what to do or say!?!?”  It amazed me though, how much more fluid and relaxed I was, and as a result, the whole class had a better feeling experience.  
Of course, when you’re teaching a class, or interacting with people in any way, you will be guided to express what most benefits the whole, for the entire group.  This is simply how consciousness works when you’re flowing as a facet of All That Is, when you’re flowing beyond a mental concept of what it should be, how it should be, etc.  You are a conduit of Source Magic!  You are THAT no matter what, and no matter what you think yourself to be.  It goes back to stuffing blocks in the way or just letting it flow.  
The cool thing now is, typically as I’m moving, emotional releases just pop out, they move through in a quick burst of release, whether a couple tears flow, a sudden sob, or a big laugh.  There’s usually zero story with a smidge of knowing in my periphery as to what type of energy it is, or where it came from.  There’s no desire to draw it back, chew on it, examine it, question it.   Heck no - It’s more like……… “Goodbye!!! Another one bites the dust!  Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.  NamaGO-GO!  So long & gooooood riddance!”  I celebrate it.  I don’t pretend like I’m NOT consciously kicking old energy to the curb, because I AM.  I’m done with embodying duality.  When you choose mastery, do it with passion.  Let’s be clear, you are most seriousness, firmly, Creator-ly taking responsibility for your life here, so don’t mince words and try to be overly polite about it - own it.   
Every energy served us in its prime time.  Every experience is appreciated.  I see how everything and anything benefited me, but when it’s time to move along, it’s time to move along - Godspeed.  The emotional discomfort can be intense like the clouds rolling in, a storm raging through, and then POOF the sun is shining so fast once again, AND now there’s a big rainbow overhead!  We just keep rolling along, enjoying the scenery as it moves through, and again and again and on and on.  
I encourage you to rest when you feel to rest, to relax, disengage, and expand as you’re called, to be free of the responsibilities and worries of human life from time to time. 
Breathe and feel your eternal beingness. Breathe gently and be still, whenever you enjoy it.  Breathe deeply, without avoidance, with intense energies and feel what you had not been able to feel before. Feel it all, drink it in as a vampire drinks blood.  Be not afraid of what you had perceived as darkness, for you are the awareness of it all, and it has no power over you…. except the power you decide to bestow upon it.  Compassionately embrace every part and every piece of you in total acceptance of what IS.  The key is feeling it all without identification, so let it all roll through, and you keep rolling along too.  
I also encourage you to give the body some free, easy, gentle, lighthearted movement.  Sing, walk, dance, stretch, breathe, tone, laugh…  take a yoga class, a dance class, a long mall walk, or perhaps it’s just a daily walk to the mailbox or around the block.  Watch some comedy clips. These waves that are rolling through are going to encourage you to move a bit, to help your body and mind roll through the storms so you can enjoy the rainbows more.  If you get too serious about the storms, maybe just literally roll on the floor and laugh at yourself!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this…. Too many to count! 
The most important aspect of anything you DO is simple.  Be fully present and connected through your body and breath and be kind to yourself.  Choose love, and kick fear to the curb.  If that’s is all you do, it is way more than enough!  You’re exactly where you’re meant to be, always, now.
Wishing you loads of enjoyment, whether skies are gray, blue, stormy or bright.  If you don’t like the weather, just take a breath, because it’s constantly changing!
Namaste! ☀️🌦️🌪️⛈️🌊🌈🌞🤸‍♂️

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