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Living In Presence & Multidimensionality

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

When I walk, I like to hit the mind switch. I turn off time and space, coming fully into my physical creation. Full Presence.

If repetitive thoughts come from people, scenarios, etc., I take a breath, feel into it, welcome back my pure light and close that portal.

Persistent thoughts can typically be traced back to beliefs, fears, control, etc., all to simply recognize and say "Not true for me now. Not valid here and now". Sometimes they’re linked to people, or other places and spaces and it’s just “no thanks, I choose to be fully here & now in this body, in this moment”. I wish them well, welcome my energy back, and shut the door. I'm not denying the emotions. Technically, by cutting the cord on the thought streams, by not being in the head, I'm becoming fully present with the sensations in the body and allowing the emotions to come up and out of the body.

Many get caught up in thoughts streams of the mass consciousness and this is exactly where we take a deep breath, feel our presence, and close the door. You don't work, analyze, or think your way out of the collective, you step out of it and welcome your clean, clear energy back to you.

You may find that when you cut an ethereal emotional energy pathway with someone, they contact you in the physical, or someone with a similar energy tango opportunity shows up. This is not only a great confirmation, but it gives you the opportunity to take your expanded awareness from conceptual, into the physical, and express from your heart, being true to yourself now. You are re-writing your way of being, expressing, and communicating, on all levels.

As we reclaim the pure consciousness we’ve split off here & there, it brings immense energy & creativity… AND the ability to remain fully present with others, to be in the physical life that you came here to experience to the fullest.

In this way of living, my multidimensional Self can be doing many, many things without interfering with the physical human experience. Sometimes I get glimpses, knowings, lucid dreams, etc., of what I’m doing multiversally, but the human mind need not be involved.

In fact, the energy I’m reclaiming from scenarios that I need not be giving energy to, well this allows more awareness of my presence here and a more full, rich, experience of Self here and now. I choose to be here, now.

Expanding into multidimensional sensory awareness, at one time, was completely overwhelming for me. It was hard to drive, shop, focus…. Talk to people. The thoughts and the feels were very discombobulating. This doesn’t seem to be the case any longer… I feel mostly “normal” again 😂 whatever that means!

Occasionally it is nice to know more of what I’m doing and it can even assist at times to connect dots, understanding why I’m drawn to people, things, how to dance with things, etc., but that is the mastery here. Living as our multidimensional Selves while simultaneously immersing in physical life, expanding beyond limited perceptions of the mind, one breath at a time.

♥️ Thinking is overrated unless you consciously choose it. Stay in awareness & FEEL your presence 🎁

🌏Choose to be fully, completely here, now.

Namaste ✨

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