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Inner Work Into Supernova Delight

Are you feelin' the heightened energies that are helping us blast through so much, so quickly, so easily!? Things that once remained hidden, troublesome, and repetitive are more accessible than ever. I haven't created YouTube vids for a while and felt this integration video may be helpful for someone:

Putting your clarity first is a gift of Self Love and Universal Love. It truly is always the best choice to stop, drop into yourself, and connect to the subconscious cause of any emotional discord, and see it for what it is - only a belief you created.

Love is your natural state - the rest is being resolved. You can avoid looking at the wounds, but the bandaids only last so long. They start to pull on one hair at a time in nagging discomfort, but you can just rip the bandaid off!

Choosing fun, ease, enjoyment, humor, playfulness, and grace is surely a huge part of remembering more of ourselves, but alas that doesn't deny the hard parts. Embodiment is the hardest "job" you'll ever do, yet the most fulfilling and satisfying that somehow makes your life more effortlessness than before. Love is always easier than judgment.

Once your house is simplified, neat, clean, and filled with love, it’s pretty darn easy to keep it that way!

The funny part about the work involved to clean your inner house, is how it mostly requires you stop spending so much time doing physical busy work and mental analysis. This way you can take your awareness beyond the conscious mind into the deeper layers of the mind and into your heart. You start to review every decision you ever made and see how they affected your life. It takes linear time, but we realize the busy, go go go lifestyle was all about running a survival race and avoiding the things we didn't want to feel, admit, or look at. The trick here is to take our inner, alone time as needed, but to also keep hopping with the nudges to try new things. It can be tempting to hunker down in the enlightenment cave, avoiding people, energies, triggers, etc. We face the culmination of our greatest fears through all space and time in this lifetime, so it’s tempting to shut down, but in our true knowing we keep saying “yes” to the invitations from our inner voice.

When I decided to look every judgment, belief, emotion, and false identity directly in the eye, stepping beyond fear after fear, beyond comfort zone after comfort zone, beyond cage after cage, my life became more simple, clean, and clear with loads of free time. Now it seems almost as if by magic, I work very little. I haven't worked a typical 9-5 job in a decade, yet I've done many short-term jobs, here and there to connect with the outside world, have fun, laugh, explore. I didn’t choose the jobs through the logical mind. In fact, most were way out of my normal comfort zone. My Creator Self guided me into each scenario through my inner voice, feeling, knowing, and in some cases they just landed right in my lap.

Regardless of our human activities, we’re working 24/7 Universally, bringing everything of density to light, disassembling all the old constructs to make way for new creations beyond duality. This work is far more impactful than all the physical doings of the earthly plane. Still, they’re both equally important. That doesn’t quite equate through the linear mind. How can one be more impactful yet they are equal? The important point is when you get the Universal call to awaken (ring! ring! ring!), you’ll be supported to do the inner work to no end.

That clarion call is not about trying to change the world or others. It’s about your own transcendence of the density and embodying your pure essence more fully. Your light then affects every human and the whole planet way more deeply than any of the externally focused work you could ever do. The spiritual journey to heal the world is another fear and judgment detour that many take though, projecting outward instead of making #1 the most important focus. Offering our love to the world is divine, but just be sure it’s of love and not wrapped up in identities, judgment or fear. If so, it’s no biggie, it’s typical, so keep doing what you’re doing & just be very honest and self aware, committed to the truth. The beliefs will begin to unveil and unravel and watch how fast you become clearer and more effective!

When you choose alignment with your True Essence, all of creation supports this direction in multitudes of ways. It's just whether or not you're open receive each gift. Will you open to things the mind would reject, judge, and protect you from? Will you follow your true voice or the separator, the judger, the narrow mind? Living in true abundance requires going beyond the mind's little boxes of how it wants or expects things to be. It requires going beyond who you think you are, so you can remember and feel more of your true Self - that presence of Love.

We’re always encouraged by our Creator Self to enjoy and play and explore new, fun things. Even playtime is technically going beyond old survival patterns, stepping beyond fear and the belief that we always need to be striving for something. We will definitely be encouraged to try things the mind finds absurd, unusual, stupid, scary, or embarrassing! At every turn in this linear journey, within every new situation, old constructs become illuminated. It requires us to dig deeper into the core of our essence and knowing. We go deep inside as we also expand in every direction, into our nothingness again and again, and we increase our embodied clarity, discernment, courage & compassion. This is not a job. This is a blast of enjoyment as we feel ourselves like a supernova exploding beyond the old limits again and again!

The ego and the entity we call mass consciousness will use every toy in the toy-box to pull us back into the old and to keep us small: Fear, protection, comparison, lack, guilt, etc. It will do everything to separate us from others by making us bigger or smaller, better or worse, right or wrong, and self righteous with some type of solidified position or opinion. At times it will simply have us doubting ourselves to instill paralysis. These tactics are intended to separate us from our whole Self, from Love, from other Creators, from opportunities, and from all the gifts creation is offering. With every single step we take into more of our Creator Self and Unconditional Love, the old energy weakens and it dies off bit by bit until POOF! Done, never to be repeated.


Last week I did my first intensive workshop, Deep Dive with Alexis Srsa. The facilitation work I do always grows and evolves in it’s own perfected way in direct relation to how quickly I’m able to bring more of my presence and clarity through this body. There is no such thing as a personal goal or plan since it’s a Universal co-creation into the unknown with a sincere desire to know more of my Self and assist others that are embracing the same path. Since then, I've been a little shocked and amazed and delighted to see some exact memories (decisions I implemented) from childhood. The judgments and emotions linked to these core decisions I made about life have been in my awareness for years and years. They were front and center at times, or off in a dark corner of my awareness, like a soft echo 1000 miles away. I've been watching them slowly lose steam and energy for so long now.

Almost a week after our event, just two days ago, I had a “bump n fill”. After crawling out of bed, I was nudged again and again to take my trash out. This never happens, so I knew it was a nudge from my Creator Self. “Ok, ok, I hear ya, I’ll take the trash out. An early walk to the dumpster with morning fresh air sounds nice for a change”. As I walked through the parking lot, not so fully awake yet, my foot hit a patch of black ice and WHOOOSH! My body went fully airborne and landed in the most astonishing position within no time. I felt completely relaxed. The garbage bag cushioned my whole body, except my one elbow took the full force of the fall. As if in slow motion, the shoulder and scapula felt like it dislocated and then slid back into place. I felt every fiber stretch and realign from my mid spine through my neck - facia, tendons, muscles, and vertebra, oh my! All this in a millisecond.

This shoulder is precisely where the body has always stored dense energy. I’ve done chiropractic, massage, yoga, energy work, and a loads more to keep releasing the compacted energies here. In my 20’s I was prescribed pain meds, muscle relaxers and PT because I couldn’t bear to sit at my desk all day with the constant throbbing and aching. Thankfully, the pain has basically been gone the past decade, but there’s a regular reminder when the energies bunch up here into pressure, stiffness, etc. This slip & fall was a huge gift. I laughed immediately in the knowing the body somehow positioned itself perfectly and it was no accident at all. I had floods of childhood memories and surges of energy into places in the body! That night my knee, hip, ankle, wrist and even the bones in my hands felt out of alignment until everything resettled by the next day.

It is truly amazing how some of the original decisions we made were interwoven into every part of our lives - how we dress, act, talk, walk, relate to men, relate to women - the work we do, hobbies, etc. Just imagine, any decisions we made about being in a male or female body affect how we relate to everyone!

Once we’ve mastered this dance of inner work and enjoying life, it's not a big huge struggle because we enter a more embodied state where we keep experiencing more freedom and fun - otherwise the work part wouldn't really be all that enticing. How dreary if it was always just about overcoming a struggle. Ugh, but at one point it felt utterly like it was all about getting out of the struggle. The further we go, it becomes so unlike work because it's enticing, exciting and rewarding to see what life becomes beyond each expansion.

We all watch and listen to these repetitive judgments, defenses, criticisms, dualities of the mind and sometimes it feels they’ll never subside. But, if we're serious about walking our walk, if we're not just thinking and talking about this embodied mastery, what once seemed impossible suddenly happens. When we refuse to feed the little judger, of course it snaps and bites at us a bit, but that’s just our perfect opportunity to ensure we are super clear on Love over fear.

Whether the ego is snarling or whining, I stop, drop, and follow it to the core. That's the video I am sharing here. The time is NOW 😀 The energies are blasting so much old out of the deep crevices if you're willing to honestly and bravely look and feel.

I wish you the most amazing resilience to face whatever has been tough for you personally with total compassion. It’s inevitable. If you choose to be done with something for real, then it is done! It just takes a bit of time for the physical to catch up, so keep dancing. Namaste

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