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Good Morning!

I awaken, grateful to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and to feel myself alive in this body.

I breathe deeply, inviting life into every cell, waking the brain, and connecting within, stretching head to toe.

I welcome all of myself back from dreamtime to sing and dance and embrace this day in the only place that matters now - where I Am.

I welcome my Creator Self to step forth, speak through these lips the words of love, see through these eyes the beauty in everything, open this human heart more than ever and assist me to embrace life in whole new ways.

I welcome the whole universe & my angelic friends to be my dance parters. Take care of the busy work for me because I enjoy my life to flow ohhhh so easy.

I welcome clarity. What would best compliment my life? What would I enjoy more than ever? Show me more.

Thy will to my Creator Self, not the ego self. I let it all unfold for me. Help me to love and not judge. Bring forth endless courage to walk my walk.

Help me be the Love I AM in each and every expression through this form.

Let the silent richness of presence carry me through the day.

It's the best day ever, because each day I get to feel more and more like myself.

Bring on the day!


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