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Death - The Ultimate Freedom

Physical form is fleeting, delicate, precious, and sacred. Form is temporary, but the essence of Life itself is eternal and cannot be given, nor taken. It was never born and it never dies. It is You. The identification with the human body/mind as though it is really you, really me, really others, is at the core of all struggle and suffering. The beauty of this is the inevitable joy and freedom we feel when the delusion of death is transcended. When birth and death of form is equally accepted, honored and celebrated in all its glory. When you see WHAT IS, rather than what’s been taught. Death is evolution and expansion.

It doesn’t matter whether a flower blooms for a single day, whether a tree lives for 10 or 10,000 years, whether your body stops breathing at age 9 or 99. There is no death, only an experience of form to formless, formless to form, and on and on. Every journey is equally perfect - not one better than the other, and not one more accomplished than another. It does not matter how or when a death occurs; tragedy vs. natural death, unexpected vs. expected, etc.. Life takes care of life and everything is as it should be. Anything else is judgment created by humanity - period. Enlightenment is the absence of judgment. Bliss only occurs in the absence of judgment.

World events and personal scenarios extend the opportunity to transcend this core belief and the survival mechanisms that keep us anchored into a small reality of survival. Of course, we enjoy our loved ones, and our bodies feel a physical disconnect (grief) when they leave. We may feel a little wobbly and out of control as the fabric of our reality literally changes both energetically and physically, with routines and habits rearranging into a new flow and with dear ones merging out of and into our lives to compliment and dance with us. Physical death is not just a transition for the one departing. It’s greatly affecting everyone involved, opening doorways to expansion in every direction.

Death is quite seriously the ultimate judgment for a human to transcend, and the hardest fear to walk through. Every single judgment can be drilled down to fear of death or fear of suffering. Both polarities equate to fear of life! Imagine what life is like with no fear of death and no fear of life! Imagine living full on, with total freedom to do, be, say, and express absolutely anything at all, to everyone and anyone. It’s so beyond our previous experiences that the mind can’t even grasp this, but we can expand into this experience one step at a time.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ego will grasp, argue, and create endless excuses to hold fears in place and it’s completely understandable. How many times were you taught as a kid to fear this and that? How many lifetimes have you “died” and left that speck of your consciousness (aka ghost or discarnate) lingering in another dimension, lost, confused, angry, and frightened? We’ve all done it a lot. For every soul fragment “trapped” in time, this fear energy still exists in your consciousness. It is very tangible. You feel it 24/7 as an underlying sense of not being safe, without even realizing it’s in the background like a comfy old security blanket. Underlying fear is so familiar that it seems normal, yet when it’s placed directly in the light of awareness, it’s utterly terrifying! Facing the fear of death is not for the faint of heart, so let’s acknowledge the deep, unwavering courage required to look this fear directly in the eye.

Dear ones in the grips of this survival aspect simply cannot be convinced or swayed beyond it, and any attempt to do so will result in a protective reaction, a digging in of the heels, as though their very life is being threatened. Because, the life of this entity, of this belief and emotional construct, is in fact facing its own death and deconstruction as the light of awareness shines upon it. Everything born into form eventually dies, including thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and all energy constructs.

As a facet of Creator, your capacity for love is endless and unconditional. So let’s embrace and accept everyone right where they’re at, seeing the terror hiding behind the anger and battle gear. If they run for the hills, let’s wave goodbye and wish them well. For it’s in the spaciousness of total acceptance from others that we sense more of our true essence and begin to remember who/what we really are. When you accept someone completely and fully, they feel safe in your presence. It doesn’t mean that we don’t speak honestly and openly when asked to share our perspective - please do extend a more expansive view, or even the full layout of What IS when others ask. But when the fear arises, step back in honor and compassion. If anything, send these dear ones love from your heart, or send it to every heart in humanity just because you can, not because you’re trying to fix or change them, but just because you are love and so are they, one and the same at our core essence.

We all face death, which is really deaths of the ego, in so many ways. For one, it may happen in an instant, spontaneous burst of terror and awakening. For another, they may fall into pit after pit before asking for guidance through a perceivably slow awakening process. It is so unique and perfect for each one. For some, it happens on the death bed. For others, it happens in the midst of life so they can reincarnate beyond the soul level and start a whole new journey within the current life. Once again, no experience is ever seen as better than another, but it is such a common mind trap to perceive one outcome as better than the other. Many will not fully awaken in this lifetime and it is appropriate and perfect. This is where we completely discard even the ideal of comparison and judgment, and we embrace our human uniquenesses in all of its perfected designs. Every life is perfect unto itself.

The more you transcend separation and embody your pure light of consciousness, you could only ever want to choose it over and over and over again. With each integration, you feel more and more eternalness within your body, melding and flowing like a soothing, soft embrace of incredible love and ecstasy. There are no words to describe this exquisite sensation and there is nothing of form that could ever, ever compare. In this flow, you simply cannot give your power away to other people, situations, judgments, etc. Your internal essence is naturally intoxicating. Going against yourself and cutting off this flow is incomprehensible. Call this flow unconditional love, call it Source, Presence, God, Kundalini, it matters not, but it ultimately is experienced through surrendering the perception of life, death, survival, and separation over and over as you unwaveringly choose Love and alignment with your true Self 24/7 above all else.

So how does that relate, quite practically, to embodying and integrating more light? Ahhh, again it’s unique for all, but for me it’s been where each time I feel a state of settled, centered, silent beingness, I say “show me what’s next, what else would you love to show me (Self)”. I’m nudged here or there & then Whooosh, another adventure unfolds in absolute alignment to open up areas of my consciousness that were still split off in separation! It’s always exciting, uncomfortable, and exactly what brings more fun, greater connection, love, joy, empowerment, clarity, and expansion. I get to experience the great honor of dying again and again as I recollect more of me, breathing into, surrendering into the fear, sometimes watching the body shake, release, twitch, or go through unusual physical realignments. At times, the mind goes a little blank or feels auspicious with reality constantly changing. I’ve watched many incarnational aspects that were beaten, abused, killed, betrayed, etc., and I am simply the patient awareness and the clear presence that relaxes, expands, and permeates them, as they meld back into their Source - into Me, as the embodied facet of and as my creator consciousness right here, right now. Although I’ve experienced this countless times, it is still not easy, not the funnest, and it can feel so damn tedious, intense and serious, yet I know that beyond the discomfort awaits a whole new level of mind blowing, ridiculous bliss and joy. It is soooo worth it.

It seems a paradox, but as we surrender to the internal deaths of identities, fears, protections, beliefs, constructs, we truly experience living life as if for the first time! We get to experience this new sense of life over and over. This all may sound kinda awful to go through, but once you’ve walked through death’s door many times and you embody the truth of eternity, the concept of death as it relates outwardly to people, animals, plants, etc. is entirely different and it is completely, absolutely fine. As you walk through the world, you can see and feel the fear of death in another’s eyes, and not look away, not even flinch. In some cases, you walk through the fear with them, and it's tremendously beautiful to see that spark of remembrance in their heart and their eyes. They feel the the safety of home in your presence, simply a reflection and reminder of their own essence. It is a gift to walk in the world in this way.

So, practically speaking, again and again, we dive headfirst into the fear death and allow it to consume us until nothing remains but the eternal, exquisite, soft embrace of our essence. Mark my words, this embrace will be the best thing you’ve ever, ever felt in human form… mouth watering, mind numbing, unconditional love that has no comparison. Although I’ve danced through seemingly endless life changes over the last decade of constant conscious embodiment, I’ve enjoyed an incredible about of “nothing time” in between integrations to wallow in the enjoyment of that internal embrace and feel my own radiance and inner connectedness. More and more I feel it in my walking and talking state with others, and what a gift. There are no hurries, no worries, and no valid reasons not to fully immerse yourself and savor the process. Life in a body is a gift to be relished and enjoyed.

If you’re in the midst of big evolutions, remember that you are exactly where you’re meant to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. You’re moving at the perfect pace for you, and so is everyone else, and so is the world. Even if you’ve gotten caught up in judgment, it’s okay, we’ve all been there. You simply say yes to the constant invitations from life to go beyond belief, fear, control, and survival, and you walk your walk as love with full awareness, letting all of creation arise to support you as it naturally does.

So, welcome your divine essence to take command of your life in every way, shape, and form and the gifts are endless. Technically, you already are and always have been that free, eternal, divine essence, so it’s just really a question off - How much of YOU, your true essence, do you choose to experience in this embodiment? How much beauty and freedom would you like to experience in this lifetime? How much Love and Joy can you handle?

I’m wishing you all an amazing summer filled with fun and freedom. Let’s keep dancing through the man-made fears about life and death, and welcome in more love and enjoyment than ever! Namaste!

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