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Beyond Perfection - Acceptance and Understanding

We’ve been conditioned to believe we must ​cover or ​fix something and strive for perfection to be completely loved and worthy - as if anything less is a weakness, making you less lovable, less worthy, less successful, less, less, less...

Work harder, be better, do more, judge yourself, judge others, control others or the world, battle and struggle… all this work to cover up the perceived internal “flaws” and the uncomfortable emotions that go along with them. The truth is, internal discomfort simply stems from temporary constructs asking to be seen, accepted, understood, and appreciated. In do so, you set them free from the emotional energy stronghold of judgment & allow them to meld back to pure consciousness where they can naturally continue to expand and evolve further. This is gracefully allowing your own natural expansion and evolution into more Love - beyond perfection.

The heart would say perfection is simply accepting yourself AS IS - seeing the beauty in your uniqueness, the gift in every experience, and choosing joy and compassion for the love of life. Take the best and leave the rest. The grace of acceptance and enjoying life is all the perfection you need.

The heart would say quirks, bumps, bruises, flaws, scars, and perceived strangeness makes you more special than ever. No one else has lived in your skin. Compassion is born of experience.

Breathe your lungs full with acceptance for yourself, for every perceived flaw.

In a full spectrum reality of free will beliefs, perfection and imperfection is impossible! Worthiness and unworthiness are completely out of the question. It's all made up. It's all relative. It's all subjective.

Every single time a person greatly dislikes a quality of yours, there is another person who absolutely loves that quality! What is a weakness in one environment is a huge strength in a parallel experience!

The very One who wishes they were more expressive has admirers that enjoy their calmness and silence. The very One who feels too loud has many admirers that love to feel the warmth and radiance of their bold expression. Every trait within, that you have judged, was created to serve you in a given moment. Next time you feel tempted to judge yourself for something, take a deep breath of gratitude for that part of you - even if you don't know why, just know that it was created with good reason. Give thanks for yourself. This is seeing the beauty in all life. Life starts with you.

It is for our own selves to Trust that our innate expression is divinely so, perfect AS IS, beyond what we were taught to say or do. When we fully accept ourselves as is, we will attract others that do the same. Of course, we are always evolving and outgrowing old habits and tendencies, often taking on more wise, mature and compassionate approaches to life. However, judging the old worn out patterns with criticism only locks the energy away in fear and shame, whereas a warm hug of understanding and appreciation allows the energies to transform with sweetness.

Perhaps as we allow more and more sweetness, we can simply laugh and enjoy the flaws and foibles of the human expression with more lightness of heart! Namaste ♥️🥰


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