Accepting everything as the old breaks away for the new

The broken ice mirrors my many recent breakdowns: cell phone, freezer, car, dishwasher, a tooth, and oddly... several handles and fixtures. When old things break down, they are replaced by new things. It’s a natural part of the constant expansion & evolution of life.

The river shows us incredible beauty in things breaking down all around, and it just moves along. As humans, we can consciously choose a favorable perspective and keep flowing, or better yet, go beyond the need for a set perspective, and let every just be what it IS... right here, right now. Not good or bad. Just is.

Do yourself a favor. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the full and complete acceptance of everything, everything, everything, everything, EV-ER—Y-THING just in this now moment. Ahhhhhh.....

Feel that? It’s the absence of judgment! Beyond duality, it’s your heart (not your head) Feel that unconditional love and breathe it in.

I hope you enjoy these magical, icy creations and the roar of the dam! Our world is truly a grand & mysterious place.

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