Yoga, Breath, Meditation & More!

My Background:

I began practicing yoga in 1999, after the birth of my first child, and discovered tremendous peace and tranquility.  I attended Ashtanga RYT training in 2012, at the Bay Area Yoga Center in Wisconsin and began teaching.  The year-long course went beyond the trendy physical practice of yoga into the deeper, esoteric roots of the system.

  • Yoga = Union.  All yoga practices promotoe the union of body, mind & spirit.

  • Namaste = The eternal essence in me recognizes and honors the same eternal essence in you.  This popular term acknowledges everyone as being equal & divine.

  • Samadhi (The ultimate result of Ashtanga yoga) = "Perfect union of the individualized soul with infinite spirit.  It is an experience of divine ecstasy as well as of superconscious perception; the soul perceives the entire universe."  ~Paramhansa Yogananda


What I Offer:

I have taught a wide variety of yoga styles, but my favorite is gentle, restorative yoga with focus on breath, meditation, and relaxation.  Why?  Because I know how good it feels and how good it is for you!  The energy I bring should assist you to move your body as if it's light as a feather and leave you feeling more relaxed and centered.  I love to teach gentle stretching, breath, guided meditations, relaxations and chair yoga for those who aren't physically up to (or down to) the task of floor yoga.  I also love to incorporate awareness of consciousness and energy dynamics.  All that being said, I'm definitely not the right teacher if you're looking for a hot or power yoga experience!   I'm here to assist you to relax, destress, open your mind, and create an environment for mental and physical rebalancing.

Personal Yoga Sessions: 

We determine what you're seeking to accomplish and customize your session together.  This may be done via video or in person.  Fill out the contact form to arrange a session in person.

Results Oriented Sessions and Workshops: 

I will design a class, breath practices, meditations, or more around your topic or theme.   Here are a few topic examples:  "staying centered amidst chaos, handling stress, improving creativity, letting go of the past, improving confidence, seeing the beauty in life, peaceful collaboration, neutrality of the heart, lightening up!"  If you would like to add live music, my great friend Dennis Hawk has been making yoga music for a decade and his music creates a magical atmosphere for any live event!

Whether you're looking for private meditation guidance, a night of stretching and relaxing with a group of friends, or to sponsor a corporate reTREAT and destress your workforce, I'm sure we can work together to create the most personalized, beneficial experience!  

Fill out my contact form or call to discuss options for a customized, in person event.   I supply the music and my sparkling personality, you provide the location.